God’s kind of movie!

What do you think would be God’s kind of movie?

If you wanted to ask me personally, I would probably say God would want a movie with love, faith, and hope. Because to be seriously honest I don’t think God would want to watch just some ordinary movie you grabbed out the cabinet. I watched a religious movie a few days back, It was called WWJD, what would Jesus do? Now just stop and think for just a second, if you got out of your recliner and went to the movie cabinet and looked at the movies you had, and thought to yourself ” what would Jesus want to watch?” If I was just some guy off the streets looking for a movie to watch, and just happened to think of that, I would go blank, instantly.

Now back to the movie that I watched a few days ago, after seeing it I loved the movie, it also had love in it. There was faith that the job would get done quickly, properly and beautifully. Faith, that’s two. Hmm, Now hope, yes there was hope in there as well. There was hope that they would not screw up through the process, and they had hope that they wouldn’t lose hope. Now I do admit that after ten minutes I did have my doubts about this movie. But after watching the whole thing, I loved it.

So now let’s go to the bible, I thought the whole way through the new testament’s that Simon Peter wasn’t going holding to on but in the end he shocked me, he started to go preach by himself with John ( and just for a secret, John was my favorite disciple. Sorry Pete.) But seriously, in the end these guys really surprised me.

So if we think real hard, God didn’t throw in the towel after ten minutes of Peter did he. No, God sat back and kept an eye on him.

So to finish this post I would just want to say, when watching a movie for ten minutes and you start to think this God movie is rubbish, just think what the Lord our God did for Peter.

God bless you all and may all of you also have Love, Faith, Hope.




2 thoughts on “God’s kind of movie!

  1. Mate, that was amazing! Keep it coming! Oh, I also thought of something you might like to add to your blog: Music reviews! Since that is a form of media as well.

    Welcome to the community Mitchell, and God Bless 🙂

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