Awake and Alive

Hi guys and girls, once again,

I got this title from two inspirations, the first inspiration is from a song from this band called skillet, and the second reason is that the world is completely the opposite to this title. Now I know a lot of people in the world are not Christians but I’m not here to talk about them. I’m here to talk about Christians who are not awake and alive. If you ask me, I think that people who call themselves Christians and do terrible stuff behind closed doors are definitely not awake and alive.

If you compared bad Christianity to sport, you would get this. It’s like a spectator sport, you are awesome in front of people, but once you go by yourself, you suck. And I mean terribly. Let’s say I am a person that calls himself a Christian, I go to church, I pray and I do everything to the bible. Then once I get home, I open up a bottle of booze and a packet of cigarettes and then sit and watch violent sexual shows, and listen to horrible music. What would you call that. I know what I definitely wouldn’t call it, awake and alive.

So maybe we should help our Heavenly Father change those kind of people, and I think that we should start right now.

So to finish this post, I’m going to say that to all the Christians that are awake and alive. Please help me help God.

God bless you all.



2 thoughts on “Awake and Alive

  1. Wow man, great job on that post! Truly convicting stuff, and it’s sooo true. Most Christian’s these days go to church like a sanctified saint, and at night they’re either watching porn or some R18+ film. I think R18+ films have absolutely no place in a Christian’s life. I’m so grateful that you’re shining this light in the music and film industry. God is doing great things through you.
    God Bless, and keep ’em coming!

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