One day too late.

What if I ask you this question, What if tomorrow was too late?

Do you know that the one thing that I would like to do before I die. Now it’s not get a flashy car, or win a million dollars, It’s none of that. My number one thing is to save someone’s life. And I don’t mean to save someone from falling of a cliff, even though that would be great. But I mean to bring a person to Jesus Christ and become a Christian.

Now If I was the one told that what if tomorrow was one day too late, I would probably say “what!”Ā  Now if we were to think that the world was going to end in a week, and you were trying your hardest to bring this man or woman to Christ, and in the end you had a day left, But to you it didn’t matter that much because you thought that you had ages left to help them. Then the next day the Rapture came and you found out that the person you were trying to help was going to hell, I know that I will most likely say to myself ” I was one day too late.”‘

Would you think like that, would you be thinking maybe tomorrow the Rapture will come, because I don’t. But now that makes me think a little too, maybe tomorrow the world will come to an end.

So instead of waiting to save someone tomorrow, maybe we should get into it right now. I was reading a Christian book from an author who is also in a Christian band, and he said in his book, we should Thrive for today and not just sit around and survive. Because to be honest, that is what I am doing. I am just sitting around and waiting for the day to past out, and the next day, same thing. As the author says, we should get out there and tell people about Jesus.

Now to compare that with saving people and that tomorrow may be too late, that author is pretty much saying the same thing. Don’t just sit around and wait for the day to go, get out there and show Jesus Christ to the people of the world. Now funny enough, I want to be a missionary when I get older, but there again, I shouldn’t be waiting until I’m 25 years old to go tell people about Jesus, I should be doing it right now.

So also to put that with music and movies, maybe we as Christians should come up with ideas to help bring people to God with the movies they watch.

So maybe I can be a missionary now and not later. God needs all us Christians to help out. So let’s help out and Thrive.

See you all next time and remember that if we wait, tomorrow may be too late.

God bless you all.



4 thoughts on “One day too late.

  1. Another great post! I have been thinking that exact same thing šŸ™‚ We shouldn’t be waiting around for the perfect time to tell a friend about Jesus. Have you heard the song Here I Am Again by Casting Crowns? That talks about telling a friend about Jesus because it may be our last chance. Remember that our lives are not our own, and even non believer’s lives are under the hand of the enemy. It’s only by God’s grace that they’re living today, so when you see them, it could be the last time.
    God Bless and keep posting, great stuff!

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