God’s got a plan for us.

Hi everyone,

I went over this idea, and figured out that every bad thing that happens is for a reason. Now I have always known that, but it never hit me like it did today. If we start from when Jesus died, It was pretty much all planned out, Jesus dies and we get Salvation, Grace, and Mercy. If you think about it, what if Jesus didn’t do that, we wouldn’t be able to get to heaven no matter how hard we tried. Now it is also kind of hard with Jesus having to die. But let me tell you, it’s a whole lot easier. It’ not like you say ” Ok, I said yes to Jesus, now I get to go to heaven.” And then you go back to your old ways and act like a fool again.

What God wants is for us to say yes, but also see him and his Son at the same time. We have to start to act like a Christian would act, and clean up our language and if we smoke or drink, we give that up too. Now if your reading this and you do smoke or drink alcohol and think ” this guy is nuts. ” and think what is wrong with that, what ‘s wrong if we drink or smoke. Well I think that if you smoke enough you get start to get cancer. I wouldn’t think that is what God wants. And if you drink enough, you get drunk and get into all sorts of trouble. Especially with the cops and with girls.

Now I know that today is absolutely terrible too, the music is bad, the movies are horrible but as it says on my title, God has a plan for us. Now I don’t want to be one to convert or anything, but God is actually a really great God, want an example. I think that my faith and my love for God and how I act is enough. There you go, there is my example.

Now with God’s plan, when the Rapture comes, now I’m going to be honest here, it’s not going to be all flowers and ice-cream, but with God in your heart, he will protect you. And you know what the best thing that is going to happen when the Rapture comes, all of us, including non-believers will see Jesus Christ. Now if you become a Christian and accept Jesus into your heart. You will definitely take the Rapture a whole lot better. And just think, when we all get to heaven ( that’s all Christians) we will see God and real music and real movies.

And all of us as Christians may be able to help out. Think about it, if you could ended up saving somebody and helping them get to heaven, you know what you should do, you should Praise God! Just Praise God! Because without his help, we would never be able to do it. Just think about it. And maybe when we can go on a movie director’s post and give him some ideas. Because I’m telling you guys, even though I haven’t seen heaven, Believe me, It’s great. The bible says so.

So to finish this post, I would like to say that God’s got a plan, and I also telling you all, we can help.

God bless you all.





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