Christian chaos!

Hi everyone,

Now this title seems a bit different to me and probably you too, but what I have to talk about really makes me want to tell people about God more.

I was listening to a news report on my christian radio station, ( hardest station on the planet to get reception) and they were talking about Christians getting murder and killed, and also raped in Nigeria. Now that made me feel really sad because Christians were getting persecuted, and I thought why would God let that happen. Here’s another story.

A young man was talking on the same radio station about his life when he was younger, he said that he actually teased kids because others were doing it too. But now here’s the catch, he started going to church with his Mum and Dad, and when he went to school the next day he started telling people about God, but it backfired. He was teased all day, in class and in recess. Now this went on for weeks and weeks, but his family didn’t seem to notice, so after a while of all the teasing he got sick of it and decided he was going to go kill himself that afternoon. He was going to the highway that afternoon after school and thought this was the best way because he would wait for the right moment and jump in front of a truck or a car. Now here is where it gets interesting, he stands there for thirty seconds and then screams out to God and says ” if you love me and really care about me, then prove it.” Now if you ask me, that was game to say, now after he said that he waited forty-five minutes on the side of the road and not a single car came up that road. Now that’s what I call proving it. So then he decided to just go home and forget it ever happened. Now we will get back to him in a second.

So back to Nigeria, Now the Muslims are doing all this and it seems as if they can’t be stopped, but then I remembered that God is in control and thought this is an even bigger reason to spread the word of God. What would Jesus do in a time like this, well I don’t think he would just roll over and die, would he. No, he would get out there and tell people about God. So that’s what we should do too.

Now back to this boy, his name is Aaron by the way, (I think.) when he got home, he just went to bed and went to school the next morning. Now when he got to school the next morning he did get picked on and all the usual stuff, but what was different was that in the middle of the day he heard a lot of stuff going on at the playground. When he got there he saw some guys who talked about God in a way that made Aaron understand a bit more. And now today he is a changed person and he loves God more than ever. Now that’s what I call Christian chaos.

So now that to tie in with Nigeria, maybe we should be more like Aaron and not give up in the end, just pray to God and pray that he brings the stuff in Nigeria to a close.

So to finish this post I’m going to say maybe there should be some more Christian chaos in the world, (in a good way though.) just so that God can bring us to him and pray a whole lot more.

So until next time, God bless and good luck.




2 thoughts on “Christian chaos!

  1. Christian Chaos, I’ve never heard it said that way before, brilliant! What a great story, You’re on the right track here. If disasters never happened God would be forgotten about. I think we need a wake up call sometimes because we can become very passive towards prayer.
    Great post mate, one of the best!

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