Hot and cold equals lukewarm

I know your works, that you are neither cold nor hot. I could wish you were cold or hot. So then, because you are lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will vomit you out of my mouth. – Revelations 3:15-17.

Hi peoples, isn’t that so true, the next part doesn’t say the same thing, but I will tell it to you anyway. Because you say, ‘I am rich, have become wealthy, and have need of nothing’- and do not know that you are wretched, miserable, poor, blind, and naked.

I guess you would be thinking, this is kind of like the Awake and Alive post. Well it sort of is, but this is different because what I was talking about before is that people act like Christians, but this time, I’m talking about people that are Christians but are a bit strange. ( In a certain way.)

let me tell you a story, Let’s say that I am a grown man ( Christian of course) and I go to church and love God, a lot, but in the end I can’t give my up life for him, because I’m afraid to die. I try to overcome the fear of death, but it’s just too hard. Then a whole month goes by and I hear a Muslim leader on the radio and television saying that if there are any Christians in the area, he was coming to kill us. Now I’m really scared, I get my family in a bomb shelter and lock it so they can’t get in. We are there for hours on end, and then we hear voices outside, I’m shivering and praying to God to protect us. Five minutes go by and we hear no noises of any sort, I decide to go up and take a look outside and when I open the hatch and look outside, I can’t see anybody, so I go further and then I hear laughter behind me, I tense up and turn around. I see the Muslim leader with ten men behind him, and he says ” are you afraid of death?” I hesitate and think real hard before giving him an answer. Then I sprint into the shelter and lock the hatch. I still hear laughter outside and hear a handle go down, then it goes dark, and figure one thing. I’m dead.

Now I would say that he was a lukewarm Christian. So when you think about it, he should of just be a cold one in the end. So now let’s tell a short story of a real loving christian. You might of heard of this one. A big group of people come into a school and start coming into classrooms and start shooting people all of the place. Then everyone start to freak out and scream and go running out of the classrooms, and I just stay there. More people die and I just close my eyes and wait for it to end. Then a man comes over to me and looks right at me, I start to shiver and look at him, I start praying in my head. God please do what is right. Then he asks me a question that I really hesitate on, he points the gun and says ” do you believe in God?” I start to shake violently, and I look him in the eye and say ” yes I do believe in God.” The last thing I see is a gun barrel pointed a my face.

Now those two stories tell us that lukewarm and hot are completely two different things. Now when you see a person with a gun pointed at your face, and he asks you do you believe in God. What are you going to say?

So to finish this post up, also with music and movies. What you say on t.v. and in a song, are you going to say the same thing in real life? They say God changed them and they will do anything for him. But that may not always be the case. So let’s pray that more Christians are hot Christians than cold or lukewarm ones.

God bless and see you next time.





3 thoughts on “Hot and cold equals lukewarm

  1. Wow, that was a good post in such a short time. I’m beginning to think you have a bit of a story teller inside of you 🙂 I really like that second story, it makes me think of that Michael W. Smith song This is your time. It’s about a girl who was asked to deny Christ or die. She chose to proclaim Christ, and for that she died. Brilliant, but sad song.
    A lot of Christians also proclaim they follow Christ but their actions show anything but. I confess I have times where I feel lukewarm,(I’m sure we all do) but Jesus is never lukewarm towards us! Hallelujah! As for spewing us out of His mouth, I’ve always been disgusted at that thought. Good motivation to stay in track hey?
    As for movies and TV shows I have actually seen the opposite (I’m not saying you’re wrong). I have seen Christian bands go on TV and sing secular songs that have nothing to do with God! I’ve also seen Christian’s being interviewed on secular TV and they’re always hesitant to speak of their faith. Maybe they’re lover Christian’s so they don’t want to offend someone!
    God Bless!

  2. Hey, do you know where the term “Lukewarm” comes from? Your stories have very…radical endings, but I believe that is what is needed! It comes down to what you treasure most. Life on this Earth, or an eternal fellowship with the creator in paradise.
    God bless,
    – CJR Odyssey –

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