What if God was one of us?

Hi guys and girls,

I got this question off a song that I heard on the radio. Now this song was on a Worldly radio station, but it made a load of sense. The chorus said ‘what if God was one of us, just a slob like one us, just a stranger one us, trying to make his way home’. Now that makes a lot of sense to me. God could be like one of us. But then he wouldn’t be perfect, Mary would of had Jesus and he wouldn’t of been perfect neither. Now we might try to be as much like Jesus as possible, but in the end, we aren’t anywhere near perfect. And if God was like us, there wouldn’t really be a heaven or hell, so if you think about it, we are actually quite lucky that God isn’t like us. Because we wouldn’t have a chance in the world to get to heaven.

let’s imagine that you were walking in the street on any old day and you just happen to see a man crowded by tons of people and you ask what is going on, now the guy next to you says that it’s God, you just start laughing hysterically in your head and think ” God seriously?” Now you went to Sunday school when you were a kid and you understand all that Jesus being born and being God in human form, But you just think that this is too much. There is a guy right in front of you saying that he is God. You think that is ridiculous. Now he is there telling people about God ( himself really) and you decide to listen for a while. Now before you notice it is been two hours since you sat and listened, there is a crowd probably a thousand feet wide, and a thousand feet long.

Now you start to get out of there and then once your out, you think to yourself, ” what if that was God or Jesus back there?” But as I said before, if God was on earth, no one would be perfect. Now Jesus came down in human form, yes, but his Father was God. God was in heaven and he was perfect up there. And since the Father in any family is the dominate one over everyone, that makes Jesus more like his Father. So if God was one of us on earth, and had Jesus with Mary, ( which by the way would make Mary no longer a virgin or God pure) Jesus wouldn’t be perfect would he.

So once you thought that that was Jesus back on that corner, you think that maybe that wasn’t actually God, maybe it was a really understanding guy, who really knew his bible. Then you think maybe God has lead him to the right stuff and the right things in life.

So maybe God won’t be like one of us, but maybe we should be more like him.

God bless.



3 thoughts on “What if God was one of us?

  1. Nice mate, great concept. I listened to the song and it seemed very Christian for a secular radio station. Maybe it was one that plays Christian and secular? I’ve never heard of the artist before and I don’t know any of her other songs so I could be wrong. Anyway, great post, and I’m sure glad Jesus wasn’t like me. Keep reflecting God’s heart!
    God Bless.

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