Real Church, Real Community.

Hi everyone,

This post is probably more of a story than an idea, you know how when you go to a Church, you get this weird feeling that the Church isn’t going to be all that great, I went to a youth group Friday night, and…. didn’t get that feeling at all.

So you know how I said that this post is more like a story. Well because here it is. It was Friday night, 7:15 on the dot. All these kids were in front of this Church called “Centro Church”, cool name huh. Well my Dad ended up dropping me off and I went in. Now they were all playing basketball, dodgeball, and volleyball. Now I thought that ” oh, they probably won’t do Church now, their all too busy playing games”. But I went in anyway and played one of the games, well it wasn’t like I had a phone or anything, and even if I did, Dad would say give it a go anyway. So the whole thing started and we played dodgeball. “Figures”. Ok, we played that for about 10 minutes. And then they said something that I clearly never saw coming, one of the leaders in the Church said this, ” time to go into the church”. Now that shocked me, but I still had my wits about me.

We started up the stairs into the Church, now we got in there and their was this big screen that you could sit and watch a movie on. But unfortunately for me, that wasn’t the case. The screen was used for dancing. ( yehhh!, not) So we danced for about 20 minutes and then did some worship, usual stuff. But then a pastor came up to talk about the bible and how teenagers sometimes get to the point to commit suicide. Not what I would want to hear about that, but anyway. In the end I was that intrigued that I didn’t even notice that the sermon went for an hour and a half. Then it was time to go home, now to be honest, I thought that it would just be games the whole night, not saying that playing games isn’t fun, but that time should be focused on God. And in the end, it was.

Now to the title, real Church, well that’s obvious, you just look at the font of the building, that’s what most people would think you do, but to a christian, NO!, you may think that the look of the building is awesome, so the Church and the people must love God a lot. ( haha, don’t make me laugh) Now for some people that could be the case, but not to me. Now if you do walk in the Church and it looks a little promising, then you have to look at real community, are they talking about the Lord and what he has done for them, or are they talking about the latest video game, or app. Do they help each other out when the other person is in trouble, or do they just leave it for the person to figure it out on their own. That’s what I look for. But then it also depends on you too, do you like when people talk about games, or the Lord. So when you go to a Church and it looks alright on the outside, but not the inside. Think what would Jesus do?

So then when you come to a musician or a movie star, they may look great on the outside, you know, great body, plastic surgery, tons of money, all that stuff. But then when you look on the inside, They may be really rude and mean. So with a Christian musician or star, they may look like they love God and talk about him, but one the inside, do they really love God and want to talk about him. Or do they just want to have the money and sell the Church!

Are you a real community on the inside? And a real Church of Christ on the outside? Thanks for listening.

God bless.



7 thoughts on “Real Church, Real Community.

  1. I remember you talking about this when we last met. Good idea for a post. It’s true what you’re saying, that we shouldn’t be looking on the outside, but on the inside. I know a lot of youths go to church just to socialize, not to talk about God. It looks like you found a good one though. For me, I LOVE talking about God! Worldly stuff bores me, like movies and TV.
    God Bless.

  2. Thanks mate, greatly appreciated,
    Yeah, it is good to look on the inside. More depth in there if you ask me.
    But I am going again Friday night, because the first time wasn’t all that bad. I’m praying that it is even more exciting than last time I went. But great comment from you as usual, and mate, check out this blog, Really interesting.
    She talks about fasting for 21 days (wow).
    God bless.

  3. I checked out the website of that church and found out that it’s Pring Street. Not meaning to be rude, but that church has said some terrible stuff that has led people into compromise. Not saying you shouldn’t go because I don’t know what the youth group is like, I’m just saying, “Be careful.”
    God Bless.

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