Obedience: Blessings and Curses.

Hi guys and girls,

I got this from reading my Bible with my Mum this morning, we were reading Deuteronomy 28. It was talking about blessings and curses, with obedience. here’s how I decided to compare it.

Let’s say you are the most obedient kid on the planet, ( hypothetically) and you start getting all these bad things happening to you. And you just think that even when I read the Bible and pray to God and obey my parents as much as possible, without making a mistake, why am I still getting all these curses.

Good question. now let’s say you are the most terribly behaved child on the planet, ( still hypothetically) and you just start getting all this awesome stuff and you get to go to all the theme parks in the world, and all this candy and everything. Now you ask yourself, if a kid so misbehaving as me, why am I getting all this awesome stuff. It’s like I getting blessed by God or something.

Both stories true, both turn outs for the kids, true. But that doesn’t mean that we keep on being a misbehaved boy/girl like the second story, even though we get don’t get all this cool stuff like the second kid, does not mean that we just stop being good, and start being bad. Maybe it means that the Lord is testing you, seeing if you might crack under pressure. It’s sort of like music. If you are singing in a recording studio and you start getting that feeling that people are watching, you might just crack. I know I would. But still, that doesn’t mean that you stop and run out of the room. You just suck it up and try to keep it together.

Same thing with movies, if you are on the stage and you start to freak out, you don’t just run off the stage, you try to keep it together. So when you fell like the other guy is getting the better way out in life, and yours is just too hard. If it was me, I would go in my room, sit down and pray to my Heavenly Father to help me. And I would read my Bible and try to find something inspirational.

So even if you feel like the guy making a fool of himself is getting all the good stuff, just remember that God knows what’s best, and if the guy is getting all the good stuff, it’s obviously for a reason, and maybe you and maybe all of us, should pray more that person. Because in the end, the disobedient person, gets all these kind of curses, so maybe we should pray for them, because us as Christians should pray that they find the Lord and accept him also.


God bless.



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