What’s God got to do with Golf?

Wednesday 30 July 2014

Let me give you guys who think that one word, Everything. Let me prove it.

Monday morning 28 July 2014, I jump in my Dad’s car to go to Karana downs Golf club, it is actually a great course. We go there about 8:00 and Dad and Dane took off to work. I went in to the pro shop and got a drink of Gatorade ” 1# sports drink on the planet” or something like that. I headed to hole 1 par 3, for all of you people who don’t know what that means (Mum), it means that on the hole, you have to try and get 3 shots or better, which starts at par, “3 shots”, birdie “2 shots”, or “hole in one” and I think anyone with half a brain can guess what that means.

On this hole, I got 4, which is bogey, 1 over (hey, give me a break, I have only been playing 2 years). Then we got on to hole 2, par 4, same deal, par “4 shots”, birdie “3 shots “, blah, blah, blah. I got par on that one (woohoo!) Now this goes on for 18 holes, and I don’t think all you guys just want to hear me go on about my awesomeness at Golf (haha, not), so what does God got to do with Golf. Well let me explain what happens sometimes when somebody without God acts when they have a really sucky tee off with a driver.

I went to a Golf club called Sandy Gallop about 7-8 months ago. We were behind the best Juniors at the club, one of the ladies grandfather was there. We decided to speak with him about what happens when a golfer has a bad game, and I quote, “I have actually seen a Golfer break his club up against a tree, and throw it away.” Now all I can say for that fellow is “I gonna pray for you mate”.

Now your probably thinking that I act the same way, (right you are), well not exactly like them. You see the difference between a Christian Golfer and just a Golfer at random, is that when I do a sucky shot, I definitely don’t throw my golf club at the tree. What I do in that situation is “calm down, pray to the Lord, and get on with it”. Now to a non-Christian your probably thinking, why would I do that, and you know who you are because your reading this thing right now. Your probably thinking this guy is wacko (yes I have been told a lot that I am a bit wacko), well here’s one reason, you will save quite a lot of money on Golf clubs, and you will get a closer relationship with my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Now think about that.

And also when you get stuck behind a tree, kind of like this one, cropped-tree12.jpg  what I would do is probably not chuck a tantrum, I would just look up to God, look at the ball and look at where it has to go, and there you have it, in the hole for a birdie (haha, not on my life). So what do think guys, I have actually gone Golfing with a mate at my own club and he wasn’t flash, but at least he didn’t get upset when he did a bad shot (you know who you are as well), and now think, all the people who throw clubs up against trees and the ground. You guys are getting like 20 shots better than my mate, and do think that he cares, even though he isn’t amazed at the sport, he still did what any Christian that I know would do, he just moved on and thanked God anyway.

Now I can tell that a lot of you people reading this aren’t Christians, ha! For I know, your all probably atheists. But that doesn’t mean that if you give God a shot, that he won’t talk to you, He loves you more than I probably ever will. Isn’t that amazing. God sent His one and only son Jesus Christ to save you, so that you could have a chance at spending eternity with him and God. Now I think that is quite a good thing than smashing a club and cursing and having an even worse chance of spending time with God.

So when you go to throw a club up against a tree, just think that maybe I shouldn’t break this, and just talk to God. Remember, he is always there. (Now I have thrown a club before, so don’t think you guys are the only ones. Haha)

See you guys later. (oh, and girls).



5 thoughts on “What’s God got to do with Golf?

  1. Very interesting mate. It is quite silly when people get angry over a game. I used to get angry over the Playstation myself when I was little, and now I look back and I realize that it was just ridiculous. I’ve never done good at any game when I’m angry. I’m hardly a golf pro myself, but to tell you the truth, I really don’t care. I try my best, and if my best is worse than other’s I just laugh along with them, and I can tell you would do the same thing.
    God Bless mate. I’ve entered the storm, and it’s pretty strong! 🙂

  2. Nice new theme, but please don’t get mad, but I think you were saying “How about you,” in the new caption. You have “How but you.” Sorry for being a little picky, but I just want your blog to look as professional as it can be.
    God Bless.

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