The past two days: Koorong and Golf (oh no! Juniors want to talk to me).

HELLOOOOOOO! Everybody! I think that I have not been being myself lately, this post is also a confession post, because somebody told me that I didn’t sound like myself (yeah! that’s right, you know who you are) I have been doing bible study posts, the past few days, and I did not feel like myself. It was kind of like putting on a mask that looks bad on me when I look in the mirror, so like acting like a different person and SUCKING at it! So just a little advice to people who liked the past few posts, it wasn’t me, it was just a fake me trying to be cool. So if you want to do a blog, just be yourself, Thank you.

Now to get to the stuff that I came to this computer to talk about, Life experiences. I went to Koorong Wednesday, if a lot of you are wondering what that is, it’s a Christian bookstore (It is that unfamiliar, even the computer didn’t even know what it was). I got the new CD from Micheal W. Smith, it is called Sovereign, Which is officially my favorite CD now. I recommend it to anybody (seriously), and I got a NEW BIBLE (woo-hoo!), It is an amplified Bible. And I got this book too, It is called Eye of the Oracle. It has over 600 pages and it about Dragons in Noah’s time, King Arthur’s time and ours, it’s really good. take a look. Now I have read over 20 pages already, So I stand corrected on how good it is.

So to the Golf day at Gailes Golf club. It was GREAT, PRAISE GOD! I had a really good day. And I meet some juniors. Nice guys, and on the plus side, one of them is a Christian. They taught me some stuff I was doing wrong and fixed me up (because of them and God, I am also going outside after this to practice). And before I left I got there number to play with them and we played a putting competition. Now I will tell you how I meet them, your going to laugh when you hear this. I was in the bar having a drink and a chocolate, (a boost) and this kid came over, okay Mitch, don’t freak out on me mate. Well that what was going on in my head anyway. Now apparently he is a groundskeeper there, and he watched me take a few hits, and he was impressed, wow! this is going well. And he invited me down to the practice fairway to hit a few balls, so I agreed, and the rest off it is history now.

Thank you everyone for listening, and I thank a very special boy who woke me up from my fake face, God bless you mate and keep that spirit in you, you are truly, truly blessed.

God bless


6 thoughts on “The past two days: Koorong and Golf (oh no! Juniors want to talk to me).

  1. Mitchell, I really, really enjoyed that. And love the new title as well, it definitely made me smile. A fun little fact, we’re probably going to Koorong this Saturday! Don’t know if I’ll get anything cause I’m currently saving up for TFK’s (Thousand Foot Krutch) new album, Oxygen:Inhale, coming out on the 26th of this month, super excited! And I absolutely LOVE Sovereign. It’s not Micahel’s best, but it holds some good memories for me. Have never heard of Eye of the Oracle, I’ll check it out when we go.

    That golf story was amazing as well. And good news! If you’re going this going week, we may come as well! πŸ˜€

    Anyway, again, I really enjoyed that. I haven’t written anything new on my blog yet because I’m suffering from a bit of writer’s block 😦 Not sure what to post about next. Hopefully I’ll get over soon. But your post has given me some inspiration, so thanks.
    God Bless Mate, you’re definitely on the right path.

    1. It was this Thursday, but it can be the week after.

      Now, I have an update for today! We did go to Koorong, and I couldn’t find that book you were talking about, so maybe you got the last one, haha! Anyway, I did get something for five dollars. A CD by Emery singers Matt and Toby. It’s an acoustic collection of songs that sound really good, so excited for that. And there was one other thing I did in a supermarket which I will give away in my next post. All I’ll tell you is that it inspired it, so just you wait, I think you’ll be pretty surprised πŸ˜€ And it’s something I’ve done a few times as well.
      God Bless mate!

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