The Best Sleep of my life, and the most boring day yet! (plus a good conviction, I know, long title huh?)


Guys, the title pretty much tells everything, doesn’t it. I had the Best Sleep of my Life. And yesterday was the most boring day of my Life yet. Let’s begin.

It was 7 o’clock in the morning and I was still a sleep (let’s fast forward for a second). It was 7:30 in the morning and I was up, I went out to the kitchen and I was able to have Eggs on toast for BREAKFAST! (Woo-Hoo!) But when I finished my eggs, I had to…WAIT! stop for just a second, let me tell you a story behind the story that is about to happen. We have a dishwasher, did you hear that everyone, that’s right a DISHWASHER! Now at least everyone on the face of the planet should know that, (except for the Bird’s and ocean creatures and land animals etc.) And we all know that dishwashers clean all your dishes in you house (haha!) not for us. You see, we have a humungous frying pan, and stainless steel pots, Blah, blah, blah. Now back to the story, after my eggs I had to wash everything up, that’s right peoples, everything. Now this is probably boring to all of you people reading this (I know that my Dad is), but believe me, it’s going to get better.

Then after that debacle, we went to Riverlink shopping center (oh no, this is going to be so boring now.) I wished I could of stayed home but that didn’t seem to be an option. We went to petbarn, NO! it’s not a barn full of pets, it is a place near office works that has all stuff pets, I mean this place has everything, we went over to the collars and there was like 50 of them. (probably more), And that was for the dog we have, Nero! He is an Anatolian Shepard dog. We went home after that and I read my book Eye of the oracle, best book I’ve read so far, I have read 40 pages now (totally recommended, if a lot of people are wondering about, because they can’t find it or haven’t heard of it at all. It is from a author by the name of Bryan Davis).

Now to my conviction, I was reading my Bible with my Mother and I found this verse (it is actually only 3 words), and it says “slow to speak”. Now I totally forget where that is from, but I never forget a good verse, now to a lot of people that I don’t know, to my family, I talk a lot, to much if you ask them. So this verse really hit me in the face, I mean that I have been a chatterbox almost my entire life and I haven’t really stopped. So this verse in my Bible has really struck my heart. now I am officially trying to keep my mouth shut when it doesn’t need to be opened.

Thank you everyone for listening and til- next time, this is officially my post about my best sleep of my life and the boring yet and a really good conviction. God bless.



2 thoughts on “The Best Sleep of my life, and the most boring day yet! (plus a good conviction, I know, long title huh?)

  1. You’re not alone there mate, we’re also having an incredibly boring day. Mom and Dad are watching TV, and I’m either on the computer reading your new post :), listening to music, sitting in my chair planning my next post, or the next scene in my novel, or reading. I’ve read a lot today!

    I like doing the dishwasher, but if I’m honest, I kinda like washing up myself, it gives me a sense of power and control! But we have the worst sink there is. We have this plug where it catches all the old food scraps that get caught in the water, and you have to clean it out. Don’t enjoy that bit at all. Plus, for some strange reason (it’s a mystery I haven’t yet figured out, even after 17 years), people put stuff in the dirty old water, so when you go to wash up, you have to take everything out >:-(. But dishwashers are an incredible invention, cheers to the man who thought them up!
    God Bless Mitchell, and your new posts are just such a joy to read!

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