One week ago (I officially know that I need some practice at Golf!) And two days ago.

Hiiii Everyoneee! (Yes I did that on purpose.)

What’s up guys, well you can all tell me that later, let me tell you what happened a week ago. I was at my home club called Gailes Golf club (if you live in Australia, you know where that is, maybe) and I has a lesson with a pro, named Luke Professor, and man is he good. I found out that I had a lot of work, I needed to keep my left foot DOWN, PLANTED, DON’T MOVE! Because my ball always kept going out to the left, now if a lot of you people don’t know a lot about Golf, going out to the left is called a hook, or a draw. Now going out to the right is called a slice, or a fade. And if you hit it straight, it is usually called straight (he-he.) Now I was always doing both, a fade and a draw, and I was always sucking when doing those shots, so this pro guy helped me out a little bit. But other than that, he said that my swing looked professional (OK Mitch, don’t get a big head).

Now two days ago, I tried my new and improved swing, sort of. To be correct, on the first 9 holes, I sucked royally, I mean royally, I can say this all day if I have to, I was terrible. My baby sister would do better than that. The most reason was because of the putter that I tried, a Wilson putter, it was a good putter, to the right person. So a long story short, I had a bad first nine holes. BUT, the back nine of the course, I did ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I tried this other putter which is called Cleveland Golf, best putter I have ever tried in my entire life. I hit 3 pars, (which is getting the ball in the hole in a specific amount of shots), and a birdie, (go down one shot.) Which means I got only five over the card which is really good. So to make that a long story short, I bought the putter, and I am going to Golf tomorrow with some friends, YEAH! (add a echo on the end of that yeah).

So to finish up, God has been good to me the past few days, I just have to be better with my money and I have to pray more. I hope a lot of people enjoyed this post and I can’t wait to write another one. God bless everyone and may God be with you all. Buy (oops, I think I was supposed to say BYE!!!!, haha.)



5 thoughts on “One week ago (I officially know that I need some practice at Golf!) And two days ago.

  1. Haha, that’s awesome man! I’m glad that professor gave you some tips, because I’m gonna need them 😀 I’ve been terrible, and when we went with Corey, it was like I was way back to the beginning. Hopefully tomorrow I won’t be as bad. It’s storming here at the as I write this, so hopefully it won’t continue tomorrow.
    God Bless mate.

  2. Practice Luc M, its all you need. And I’ve found, the best tips are the simple ones. If you get a billion different opinions of your swing from one guy, you’re not going to remember anything he said.
    And glad to hear you’ve found a solution to your swing Mitch. You better get ready for my return… (stretch and yawn here) yea, I’ve been practicing! lol 🙂

    1. Thanks Corey. I got 41 today at Sandy gallop. But I have been playing at Gailes Golf club lately l. So you better get ready mate, because I am getting better by the second. Haha 😂. God bless and talk soon 🔜.

      Thanks Corey. I Have been playing At Gailes Golf Club Lately. So get ready because you will have a fight on your hands. Haha.

    2. Cool Corey, will practice more. Today I had a good run with Mitchell, and, as you heard on the phone, got two pars, and almost a birdie! Hopefully when you get back, we can all have a big tournament together!

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