My Writing, and my Golf Championship!!!!!

Hi everybody,

Sorry I haven’t been talking for a long time, but you know how it is, you have a lot of stuff on, Golf, writing, you know. But hey, my writing. Woo hoo. That is fun. I am up to 34 pages, that’s like so many, haha. And I had a golf championship, it was like amazing. I went the first time and was with a middle aged guy, than a old guy, and then an old guy again. How cool is that, learn from the old and the wise. (Not actually in that order) I had a par on one of the holes, and if any of you people have read my other posts, you know what I am talking about, but for you people who don’t know what it means. I will swing it buy one more time. A par is getting the ball in the amount you are supposed to. Birdie, is one down, same with an eagle etc. But in the end, I sucked bad, and it was in a championship. SHAMEFUL! But hey, you always have your bad days. Now if any of you are wondering how bad I actually did, wellย  the course is 73 and i did it in 113, that means that I sucked. But the next week was so much better. I got 112, YEAH!!!! No, I sucked even more. I only got one better, I mean come on. But hey, what do you do. Because there was a light in the end. I went a few days later and got 80, now that is what I am talking about.

Now to the writing, I am at 10,000 words!!! Now one person who is reading this, sorry about telling you again, but I thought that this would definitely get it stuck in your head, to know that I am catching you, and so everyone else knows too. Haha. Now where was I, ah yes. I am doing quite well on this story, you know that it feels like I am in the story, you know. Probably not. It kind of depends if you write I guess. But my favorite author who writes novels, is James L. Rubart. The best of the best, when it comes to writing novels. Sorry all you other writers. You know, he and another friend made me get the idea of writing a story. More my friend, but anyway. Now if you want to write yourself, go for it. but make sure you write a rough draft, which is go crazy, stuff up, do scribbles on the sides, I know Mum does, haha!

So to finish up, I say, if you do Golf, don’t give up if you suck royally. And if you write. SCRIBBLE! Nah! Not really. God bless guys, and most important in life, is if what ever you do, you don’t do it with God, it’s a worthless idea. Bye!


8 thoughts on “My Writing, and my Golf Championship!!!!!

  1. I liked that mate, good stuff! And thanks for letting everyone know you’re catching up to me (I’m the friend everyone reading!). I think you might actually have set the record of least time spent to write a novel. My first novel was done in eight months, the Restoring was just under two years (it technically isn’t completely finished yet since I’m currently getting feedback, as you know, and after that I’ll go through it again). My current novel (still not giving away anything) has gone for seven months, and isn’t even half way through. So yeah, I think you’ll pass me ๐Ÿ˜€ And James is a brilliant author, but I’m sorry, no one beats Frank Peretti! The Oath, the Visitation, This Present Darkness, all soooo good! Monster was probably his only sub-par novel, and even that was great.
    Sorry for rambling on, but I liked your first draft advice as well. Go full throttle and just write like it’s the last time you get to do so!
    God Bless!

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