Satan’s grasp on Christians

Hi everyone, I’m back!!

Now what will I talk about today. How about Satan’s grasp on Christians. I admit that I was in Satan’s grasp last night. It was 3:00 at night, I had just jumped out of my bed and felt like my heart was being crushed. The dream that I had just had really freaked me out. Now the one person who is reading, your brother was the main part of the story. I was playing with Elliot in a playground, I think, haha. But this was a bit different. My mother was there, and Elliot went over to my mother. And he said these words.

” Mitchell doesn’t have Jesus.”

You know I jumped out of that bed faster than a race car šŸš—. I felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. I looked around my room for šŸ”Ÿ minutes and then went back to sleep.

The next morning

I got ready for work and all that. I got in The šŸš—. And I had a talk with Mum. I said that I fought maybe the dream was a sign or something. Maybe my relationship with Jesus wasn’t that flash. But Mum didn’t agree. She said it was Satan, that’s right, Satan. And I thought that maybe it was. I thought my relationship with Jesus was pretty good, and it was getting better. So that made think, what if Satan does do that. I thought he mustn’t do that to worldly people because why would he have to worry. Then I really thought about it(I know, too many thoughts haha) and maybe I should look into this. Now this is a short post, why? Because I want all you guys to tell me a story that might be similar. Haha. God bless and don’t let that Devil šŸ‘æ take your relationship with Jesus to a low.


2 thoughts on “Satan’s grasp on Christians

  1. Hey mate, that was a very interesting post, and I completely agree šŸ™‚ The devil tries to make us feel unworthy and that Jesus doesn’t love us. I can’t say I’ve had a story like that, but believe me, I’ve felt unworthy a lot. Satan constantly talks in my ears with words like “you’ll never amount,” And it doesn’t stop there. It happens with my writing as well, “This is absolute trash. You’ll never get published. No one will want to read this….” and it goes on and on.
    Anyway, that was a good post, and God Bless! As for my writing, I’ve just reached part two! So nearly half way through!

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