Going up in the Ladder of writing.

Hi guys what’s up,

I have been moving up in the ladder of writing, I have been doing a book now and I’m really getting into it. But when I’m doing it, it feels as if I’m in another world. But here is a part of my book that is in editing now-


To some people, life wasn’t enough, they wanted more. People wanted money, cars, girlfriends, mansions, and anything else they can think of. But to Jane, all she wanted was her son David. To her, David was a breath of fresh air, a nice voice in the night. A soul that was content with what he had. He didn’t have a phone, video systems, or girlfriends. Well that was what she hoped. Now he was in the bondage of Darrel. When he was at home, he would always read, in his room, in the car, in the lounge room, everywhere. And that was what she missed the most. But now she would never get that chance, because of Darrel and his manipulating head, he would have David forever. And Jane couldn’t do a thing about it. Or could she?

. . . . . .

Now that is where my writing ability is at now. But I think it will get better, I have faith in God that it will. And I know a friend who is writing and I think he is ten times better than I am. That just tells you that he should be in stores already, haha. But that is where I am at the moment. Another short one folks, but this is really just updates at the moment, but I hope you all enjoy them just as much.

God bless.


4 thoughts on “Going up in the Ladder of writing.

  1. Intriguing mate, I’m excited to read this! Thanks for the compliments on my writing as well, it means a lot. And that excerpt was quite good, though I won’t be critical yet 😀 At least not until I’ve read it all. But from what I’ve read, you’re doing well.
    God Bless mate!

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