What would life be like without love?

One question that would fill anyone’s mind. Anyone!

How is everyone, I’m pretty good. I had a good golf day on Thursday morning and afternoon. It did rain but I played in it. Haha, I was practising my swing, for I was putting too much spin on the ball. Now what that does is if I land my ball on the green with a soft 8 iron, and the ball lands right next the green my ball is going to fly past the hole, why? Because I have too much spin on the ball. Now wait a minute, I’m getting a little bit ahead of myself. LOVE, what is it. I did have that at the golf, now it wasn’t just the lovey dovey stuff. No, what they did is let me stay in the pro shop until the rain stopped. If they didn’t,  I would have got so wet that I wouldn’t be able to get in dad’s car. Now that is love, they wanted me to be safe and not get wet.

Now to stories about love. YEAH!!!!

Greg sat on the side of the tar road, just waiting for someone to stop and ask if he wanted a lift. Greg at up and stuck his thumb out so someone could see him. A man drove past and leaned out the window. ” Get off the side of the road you idiot. Are you dumb or something.” The voice of the man faded as he got further away. Greg sat back down on the side of the road, just waiting for someone to pick him up, but no one came. Days, weeks, and months went by and no luck had came. He sat on the side of the road until starvation and dehydration would take his life.

Wow, how about that hey, he was never picked up. For months, if I had of continued, that man was picked up, but he was dehydrated and all was left was a little bit of flesh, for vultures had eaten everything. And once they found him, they took him to a open area and burned him to a crisp. Now do you see that that whole time, there was no love. Not one bit. They could of made a burial ground and made it look respectable. But they didn’t. Now here is another story that tells of something completely different.

Harry came out of his workplace at 5:00am, he called cab and jumped in the front seat. He pulled out his iPhone and called his wife to ask what the schedule was. ” You have a 10:00pm with Trish and an appointment with the doctor at 1:00pm. Is that able to work for you?” Harry agreed and thanked Trish, hung up the phone and dropped it on the floor. He went about another two miles and his engine started to sputter. He pulled over, got out and opened the bonnet. Smoke and hot gas flooded Harry face, he closed the bonnet and sat on the ground. Only seconds went by and a Nissan GT’R pulled up on the side of the road. A middle aged man got out and greeted Harry, and fixed the problem. Harry thanked the man, jumped in the car, and drove off to work.

Now how about that. He was treated nicely, helped out and was able to get back to work. But in the other story, that man wasn’t picked up and wasn’t moved or anything. If you ask me, I think it is disgusting. And that happens in today’s world. People sometimes pick people up that are on the side of the road. And some just keep driving by, think nothing about it ten seconds later. Now I was listening to a song on you tube not long ago now. And it was by a Christian artist called Brandon Heath and the song was called give me your eyes. A song that was explaining everything that I am. People walk around, look at a homeless person and feel sad… FOR THREE SECONDS, THAT’S IT. Now that makes me sad because I would feel abandoned if that was me. So the song was trying to say for Jesus to give us his eyes, his loving graceful eyes. Eyes with mercy, and most of all, LOVE. Now I think my eyes should be like that, don’t you. God bless guys, and what my post was trying to get across, is that if we didn’t have Jesus, than we wouldn’t have Love.



9 thoughts on “What would life be like without love?

  1. Great post, and some good stories as well, hope your novel is like these 🙂 On an unrelated note, just thought I’d share this cool song. I think you might like it 😉

    1. On second thought, that song goes pretty well with your post 😀 When you don’t feel loved, He knows, because He’s been there, and He will always love you!
      God Bless mate!

      1. That is amazing news, and if you want to hear something completely strange, I just checked my followers (haven’t done that in like, ever!) and you could blow me down and call me uncle Bob because I also have 22!

  2. Mate, if I could be a bit critical here (I want your writing to be the best it can be), after reading your stories again I found a few inconsistencies. After your first story, you say that if you had of continued, he would have been picked up, but then you said that he was dehydrated and only a bit of flesh remained. I think you should ask yourself, who would pick up a bit of flesh off the side of the road? Then the guy on the side of the road died, and was being eaten by vultures. The next sentence says they found him and burnt him to a crisp. It sounds like the vultures burnt him to a crisp. I think you should add who exactly found the man. In the next story, we have Harry having an appointment at “10,00 P.M.?” And in the beginning he’s in a taxi, then he’s driving his own car without any indication that he switched cars.

    I’m sorry if I’m being a bit nit picky (and I want you to be critical with my novel as well), but I want your writing to be the best it can be. So for your next post (and in your novel as well) just make sure it’s consistent, because readers will pick that up straight away. That’s something you have to look for when editing.

    So I hope this helps, and God Bless! Can’t wait for your next series!

      1. You’re welcome 🙂 Don’t worry, I had the same problems when I first began, and even now when I go back and edit I think, “What was I going on about there?” Just last night I was editing one of the earlier pages of my new novel and had no idea why I wrote this one particular thing. It didn’t even make sense : / Anyway, as you grow as a writer, keep that in mind.
        God Bless mate!

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