Heaven, Hell, and Earth series: Time

Hi everyone. I have started a series guys, woo hoo.

Time: now the one thing everyone knows about earth, it that we don’t stay on it forever. Obviously.

Now I am going to put this in a poem for everyone to understand. Here we go.

Hell has no love, no grace or mercy. There is pain, sorrow, fire and brimstone. Screaming, everything that is evil, everything that is on earth that scares us. It is unimaginable. If you are in there, it will feel like forever. It could be a year. It will still be forever.

Don’t ever forget that.

Earth is in the middle, I will have a poem for this one in just a second, but first I want to explain what in most of today’s society. When I was in school, for I am home schooled now, a lot of kids would say to me “oh yeah, life is great, mate you should live it to the fullest.” No thanks, not the way people do I think today. You always hear on the news that somebody might of died, or somebody stabbed a fellow. Drugs, sick kids. And kids are saying that life is great. (Please, somebody shoot me in the leg if I’m dreaming.) Hear is my poem  for earth.

Earth is full of wonder, some love and some hate. People die, and people wake. It could be Hell if it was any worse. Good thing Jesus came to save us. Earth is only temporary,  not forever, difference between earth, heaven and hell. Heaven and hell last forever and earth is where you make your decision. So choose wisely.

God doesn’t want us to go to Hell,  He doesn’t want us to perish in eternal darkness, He wants us to join him in eternal life. A place that we call HEAVEN. Now here is the last poem to represent Time. This poem will finish my post, so enjoy, and God bless.

Love is amazing. Love is kind, love is peace, and love is divine. Heaven is all these things, there is no sorrow, no pain, no hate, and no shame. You can be with Jesus Christ forever. One year goes by, still forever. You can be with all animals, lions, bears, tyrannosaurus Rex too. Ten thousand years go by, still forever. Remember God’s love for you, he will never forget you, never forsake you. God is Love, and God is forever.


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