Heaven, Hell, and Earth series: No Realization

Realization, a statement. NO! A question, a question that I must ask.

I see a lot of people talk about Jesus and how he came to save us. There’s nothing wrong with talking about him coming back. There’s no problem about you talking about His Mercy, Love, and Glory. Absolutely Nothing. Always talk about that all the time. But as I said in my last post, we don’t live on this planet forever. Time will run out. We have a choice to either turn to Jesus and Heaven. Or the World and Hell, with Satan. Your choice, I’m not trying to force God onto anybody, alright. I’m trying to say is that a lot of people talk about Jesus on Earth. Not Heaven, not Hell. I could only count on two hands how many books talk about Hell, same as Heaven. People, take it from me, I have had a little glimpse of Heaven, and you don’t want to miss out, trust me. It runs with Jesus’ Love, but it is not on this fallen World, it is in a no-fallen place. Heaven. A place flowing with milk and honey. A place where all your dreams come true. Jesus doesn’t want to be with us on Earth. He wants to be with us in Heaven among His Heavenly Father.

I was talking about making a choice, do you want to go to Heaven, or do you want to go to Hell. I have heard some people say that Hell sounds appealing. HA, as if. Life is short guys, we don’t have long, look at the war with the Muslim fighting. The whole world is going to war. Think about it. Pastors Priests are bringing people to Christ but are they even ready, what will they say when a somebody wants them to convert? Are they going to give in? This I point out to Pastors, talk about Jesus, but talk also talk about The places that they may end up going to. Please! To finish up my post, I want to say this one thing. Realize!!! God bless.




4 thoughts on “Heaven, Hell, and Earth series: No Realization

  1. Yes, people need to know Hell is a real place, as well as demons, which is another subject often avoided in Christian circles. Thanks for preaching the truth mate, God Bless!

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