Real Church, Real Community Part 3

Hi guys, this is my last post for Real Church, Real Community. I haven’t written in a long time about this post, so I thought I should finish it up now, plus my friend has been nagging me about it for ages.

Now I about this church with some people, actually a lot of people. Aha. But when I left off from my last post, I was talking about being a doer, not a hearer. I am not just talking about my experiences at that Church, I mean in every church, our lives, our spirits tell people who we are. Our fruits. Our love towards people. I see a lot of people out in the world who are Christians and they believe in magic, Darkness, all that stuff that makes you shiver all over. I don’t go to Church anymore, well that one anyway. And I actually feel closer to God then ever before. Plus I’m going to Warwick in a day. SUPER EXCITED! And I will be around a lot of Drunkards and People who party until 1:00 in the morning. So I have prayed a lot about this trip and I feel like I’m ready. But I’m not going to try and blend in. We will be selling my friends bits and spurs for horses. If you ride horses, this is the guy to see. SERIOUS. If you want to look up his website or Facebook page on Now just look at me go on about this business, I should be talking about this post huh.

Now I said in my last post about this subject a verse from James 1:22-23, it says: “But be doers of the word, and not hearers only, deceiving yourselves. For if anyone is a hearer of the word and not a doer, he is like a man observing his natural face in a mirror.”

How about that huh, I never get over that verse. Now what we as Christians should do, is apply that verse to our lives more than any of the verses in the Bible. Why? Well when you become a Christian, you hand your life over to Jesus. That’s it your life has instantly had a extreme makeover. You are now under God’s protection and hand. But if you don’t follow James 1:22-23. You have not really changed a bit, you have just been observing your natural face in a mirror. So when you go to a church, and you try to be cool in front of the kids who don’t follow that verse, than you are just the same. STOP! read the Bible, for all of God’s promises are in there. And all the directions you need are in there. Please don’t fall into Satan’s traps, look to the heavens and pray to your heavenly Father. For the more you read the Bible and Pray, the closer you get to God and Jesus, the more certainly of you going to see him. Now People may think that this is stupid coming from a kid. But a certain Man reading this has brought me closer to God, as long as my Mum and Pastor, and of Course the best Dad in the World, my Dad. And My Heavenly Father who is heaven waiting for me to come and see him. Now when you go to a certain Church and see a butch of kids mucking around like fools, ask yourself. IS this a REAL CHURCH, and a REAL COMMUNITY. God bless and I hope you all enjoyed my three posts. And remember James 1:22-23.



10 thoughts on “Real Church, Real Community Part 3

  1. Hey mate, just wondering, are you still going to do that review? I’m getting more anxious each day, haha. But if you’re writing your novel, take your time with it, because your novel is more important. Anyway, I was just wondering. Bless ya mate!

    1. Thanks for understanding brother, yeah, I am doing my writing quite a lot. I have done such a big change to it that I have had no time for my blog. Oops! But hey, since I will see you tomorrow, I have another question about a review that I want to do first.

      1. Ahh, sorry mate, not going to be there tomorrow. Dad has taken a day off for the doctor so after that we’re going to the coast (well, everyone wants to go to Dreamworld again, haha) Vids for that will be up on youtube. Anyway, I’ve been thinking that it might be time to exchange emails so we can talk more. We can talk about your writing and just anything you want to get off your back. It’s better than commenting on here and on my blog each time 🙂 And it’s private. We don’t want readers looking at the comments and going, “What are they on about?” though of course it makes for a good laugh!
        God bless!

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