Kari Jobe, Majestic Album review.

Hi everyone, this is my first music review. Which is a big thing, since I have had this blog since May and I haven’t written one yet. And this is the hardest album to write about. So bear with me.


From hearing Kari’s Where I find you Album. I was kind of like, yeah okay. She’s not bad. Some of the songs in that album were good. Like I really enjoyed Savior’s here. It was that kind of song that struck a chord. But it was just like another musician in a studio singing for the sake of it. BUT that all changed when I heard MAJESTIC. I brought the album expecting another Hillsong layout. But I didn’t get that at all. She sung like she had passion. She didn’t sing for the fame or for the certification. She sung for the Lord.

Hands to the Heavens was the introduction of the album. And a good one. The song was about calling for God to come. To bring his presence to the whole place. WELL, it worked for me! The first verse of the song really said that we are here, We are your sons and daughters and we are here to meet you. And the Chorus says the rest.

With our hands to the Heavens,

Alive in Your presence,

Oh God, when You come,

So pour out Your Spirit,

We love to be near You,

Oh God, when You come.

So she set the mood for the whole place on that little number, and then she gets busy. Breathe on Us is one song which I would have to say is powerful as it was nice in rhythm and peace. For it wasn’t rocky or blasting in your face, but you could tell she was full of passion. Which is what this World needs.

Only Your Love describes what God’s love is like.

Your love is like no other,

Nothing else satisfies,

It flows through the deepest waters.

Now that is what is love. She showed it so powerfully that I almost cried. For our God’s Love is that and so much more. Now the four song in this album did make me cry. Keeper of my heart. The song explained that God never fails us and will always be the Keeper of our heart.

This is the song that will either break a mans heart. Or become close to it.

Moving one song ahead of Always Enough, We have the song Forever. In only one word I can explain this one. LOVELY! What Forever sends across is that nothing will beat our Savior.

The Son of God was laid in darkness,

A battle in the grave,

The war on death was waged,

The power of hell forever broken.

The pre-chorus was the highlight of the song to me.

The ground began to shake,

The stone was rolled away,

His perfect love could not be overcome,

Now death where is your sting,

Our resurrected King,

Has rendered you defeated.

That was the passenger seat song for the whole album. And it deserved it too. Perfect. Now the title song was the next song on the list, and it delivered. How Majestic! Now I am bad at explaining perfect songs, so this just might be the right way.

See, I told you. It delivered. Now to the shortest song of the album. When you walk in the room. SHORT, BUT FAN-TASTIC! The song that talked about if God himself walked in a room. there’s nothing like it.

When you walk in the room,

When you walk in the room,

When you walk in the room,

There’s nothing like it, Nothing like it.

The song was the second softest song to me. But the probably the most beautiful one out of the whole CD. Then we come to I Am Not Alone. My favorite one out of the CD. I found with this song, that actually a lot of people say this. Mostly in every CD I have the singer sings about that. Weird, I know. But with this song, love is throw into the crowd, just like t-shirts being throw from rock musicians. And the greatest thing they did with the song. They started with a piano, a perfect music instrument to use for such a pleasant song. You could go to sleep with song if you wanted to. For God put it on Kari’s heart. I just have to put this video up.Haha.

Now the song that showed God’s presence through all troubles was Lord Over All.

In the valley of the unknown,

I will lift my voice,

In the shifting, in the shadow,

I know you are with me.

Now once you get to the chorus the drums and the power of the song punch you right in the face.

Lord over all,

You will be my rescue,

You will never fail.

Lord, through it all,

I will choose to trust You,

You will never fail.

How about that. Woo-hoo. Now to finish up the album. The last song, the decider. The finisher. The end. Let The Heavens Open! The greatest song to explain out Merciful Savior. The best part for me was when she got to the chorus and everyone joined in to make it that orchestra feel. It had a feeling like God was in that room with them the whole time. The Whole Time. Guys, we must have that God-given gift inside us too. We must Worship, Praise, Pray, Love and Honor our Heavenly Father who art in Heaven.


who was slain,


wisdom, strength, honor



Revelation 5:12-13

GOD BLESS everyone who listened to my review. And may God work through all of you. AMEN!



12 thoughts on “Kari Jobe, Majestic Album review.

  1. Mate, I enjoyed reading that review! Keeper of My Heart is my favourite, along with Forever, Look Upon the Lord, and I am Not Alone, in that order. A 5/5 is a little tall for me though, haha, I would give it a 3.5/5 for the music (because some of the songs drag on for way too long for a time of general listening) and 5/5 for the worship experience, so it’d be a 4/5 overall.
    Btw, it’s my Mom’s favourite CD of nearly all time. She’ll definitely give it a 5/5 πŸ˜€
    God bless mate, can’t wait to read more! Got any plans for the next review?

  2. Yeah, I’m thinking about writing a review on a book! It is a book called survival guide to life. It’s from Bear Grylls. I might do that before park. And those kind of songs drag on no matter what band they are if you ask me. They just do that to catch a bit of God’s presence I think. but you know, sometimes I don’t mind. You have to admit, if it was needtobreathe, you wouldn’t complain all that much. haha. God bless bro. I will keep in touch.

      1. Just did. What’s that all about? I looked at some of her videos and each one has no views, and they’re all about side tables and computer desks?? At least the comment was all good. Another thing is why did she comment on the Wolves at the Gate review? Anyway, I’m glad youtube liked my blog, haha!
        And I’m not getting your last sentence. You spoke to one of the band members of Everfound? You haven’t commented on my blog, nor on here if I’m seeing correctly. If you’re not messing around with me, I say that is absolutely amazing mate!
        God bless.

      2. I’m serious mate, I talked to the lead singer about 24h ago. haha. He talked about John 4:8. We had a really good conversation. And with that YouTube thing, I’m not sure. All I thought was cool is how they said that they were going to use YOUR information for their work. RAD! God Bless.

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