Heaven, Hell, and Earth series: Hell

What are we saved from? Hell, Satan, a very bad and worthless death. A death that is hopeless because you had a ton of fun on Earth, and now you are in Hell. Was it worth it? Here is what Max Lucado says about Hell, and pay attention, because it just might open up you mind.

One phrase summaries the horror of Hell. “God isn’t there.”

Think for a moment about this question: What if God weren’t here on Earth? You think people can be cruel now, imagine us without of the presence of God. You think we are brutal to each other now, imagine the world without the Holy Spirit. You think there is loneliness and despair  and guilt now, imagine life without the touch of Jesus. No Forgiveness. No Hope. No acts of Kindness. No words of Love. No more food given in his name. No more songs sung to his praise. No more deeds done in His honor. If God took away his angels, His Grace, His promise of eternity, and his servants, what would the world be like?

In a word, Hell. No one to comfort you and no music to soothe you. A world where poets don’t write of Love and minstrels don’t sing of Hope, for Love and Hope were passengers on the last ship. The final vessel has departed, and the anthem of Hell has only two words: “If only.”

Wow, I have to admit, when I heard that kind of description, I got goosebumps. No God, we don’t have a choice, we don’t have freedom of rights. We don’t have any Love or compassion. we have nothing. We have the same amount of Love as a rock that gets kicked into a trash can, The same amount of Love as a fly that gets whacked from a fly swatter. We have not a single speck of Love from Hell. We are just like a human getting marooned on an island.

According to Jesus, Hell knows only one sound, the “weeping and gnashing of teeth” (Matt. 22:13 NIV). From Hell comes a woeful, unending moan as it’s inhabitants realize the opportunity they have missed. What they would give for one more chance. But that chance is gone (Heb. 9:27).

We have that chance now, this is our second chance to find Jesus and be his. If we mess this chance up, than we are done, there is only two ways at death, “Heaven or Hell.” we must make that decision and some people will make the wrong ones. We might have relatives that just might go into the pit of darkness, but if we use our time wisely, we can save them. Jesus can save them. But we have a maximum of 120 years to do it, or it could be less. Only God knows when we will die, but instead of boasting and worrying about tomorrow. Jesus is coming, where will you go, honestly? Will you to be with God, or will you go to Hell even though you say you are a Christian, and I’m here to judge, only to witness. So I have don my part. The rest is up to God, you can go and spend eternity in paradise. Or spend eternity in a bottomless pit of despair. Choose!

God Bless.


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