Such a big list, I don’t have time for God, do I? Procrastination.

Far out, that word. Procrastination. It just need to be nuked, you know. The word has such the worst meaning in the world. “Somebody goes on about this and that and then decide to leave the most important thing til the last minute, then usually finding out that the plan backfired.” Please let me explain.

Do you see what I mean, I think I should go and do something now that I will probably do three months from now. Haha!

Now back to the title of this post. I have the biggest list than any other teenager, seriously. I have about six things on my list, plus work! But you know what, I always have time because of one thing, (Well two thing. One might be my Mother getting me off my posterior) I don’t have time to procrastinate. I mean that I have that much on my list that procrastinating is out of the question. But let’s be honest for a second, I have done that before, “procrastination.” But since God entered my life. My whole future has turned upside down. I wanted to be an actor before, but that changed when I found God, I have plans that will make you get goosebumps. (No wager on that) But what about you people reading this, does the word “Procrastination” run your life, hmm?

I know quite a lot of people who procrastinate (Not mentioning any names), and plus I’m not trying to be self-righteous if many of you may think. What I’m trying to do is explain that we shouldn’t be doing that. Look at the picture above, the one with all the four guys on it. I used to be the second guy there. And I was good at it, I would wait for the weekend to come and go then I found out that I have one day to finish ten pages of something. No easy task, do not try it.

And with the first picture, where the saying is that you will be wiser if you leave it til the last minute (Give me a second, Hahahaha!), don’t follow that example. It will not work! Then with the second picture, you have a blank page with a little saying at the bottom. “PROCRASTINATION, I’LL FIND A PICTURE LATER” Well he is leaving it til the last minute too. Well actually he isn’t doing it at all to be honest. (But I do like that image though) And he thinks it is funny. But when he finds out that picture is dull and not that amusing, than he will think differently, don’t you think?

Now to finish up all this nonsense about this silly word. Jesus is our Father, our Lord, and our helping hand when we need it. But if we wait til the last minute, it will be too late. Satan will have us forever. And when we are in Hell burning, we will all say one thing. “Why did I wait til the last minute?” But you didn’t even have that last minute, you had nothing.

God is there, and He isn’t waiting til the last minute to save us, it is already done, He died on the cross and saved us from Hell. He handed in the mission slip finished, the homework was done quick smart. And he still has time to spare, and so do you. Don’t waste it.

God Bless.

The word “Procrastination” being nuked.




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