What does Christian Chaos look like? (Part 2)

Some people think that extreme Christianity is wrong. Compromise is in a lot of churches. They think that we can give a little bit of that Christian stuff, you know… Away!

Jesus talks about walking in a narrow way, but everyone thinks that we can compromise just a little bit. IF you compromise, you aren’t really living a Christian life. I have heard a lot about different religions, they have people of the same faith saying different point of views. People say that extreme is just TOO much. Really!? How do you think we get to heaven? Because it certainly is not by compromising. I did a post about being Lukewarm(This post was a long time ago)and I discussed about how some people compromise, dishonor, and even renounce their faith in Jesus just so they don’t get shot by a bullet.

Let’s go into detail about what compromise means:

1. settlement of a dispute by concessions on both or all sides
2. the terms of such a settlement
3. something midway between two or more different things
4. an exposure of one’s good name, reputation, etc, to injury
5. to settle (a dispute) by making concessions
6. (tr) to expose (a person or persons) to disrepute
7. (tr) to prejudice unfavorably; weaken
Let’s see what Chaos means:
“Complete disorder and confusion.”
I would say Lukewarm Christians would fit into that category Perfect..Ly! They compromise and think since we live in a society where Jesus isn’t around, they think they can just tweak the rules just that little bit.
So what happens when we put Christian in front of chaos, what definition do we get then? Really, you actually can’t. Seriously, I looked it up. Christian Chaos is what you make it, do you want yo be an extreme Christian who loves God, and does everything to please Him, or do you want to be a complete chaos of compromise, somebody who just wants to bend the rules a little bit. Or a lot?
I told stories in my last post, about people who had the good side of Christian Chaos. But what about people who have the bad side? Let’s see what kind of stories I can pull out of my head.
Peter jumped off the slide and fell into the bark. He lifted his face from the brown dust, he spat the bark out and jumped up. He smiled at Craig as he brushed off the dirt.
“That must have hurt huh?” Craig asked.
“Yeah, but it’s alright.” Peter walked over to the water fountain for something to drink. Craig ran after him huffing and puffing.
“Hey Pete, you going to church tomorrow?”
Peter finished his drink and wiped his mouth. “I think so, but Mum could have something for us to do.”
“Oh, well that’s fine I guess.”
Peter looked at Craig and noticed disappointment in his eyes. “Hey Craig, tell you what. I will make the effort to come, alright?”
The eyes of Craig lit up. “Cool, well I better get going, Mum will be getting a little bit worried. I guess I’ll see you tomorrow, right?”
“Yeah of course.” Peter replied.
Craig gave Peter a thumbs up and ran towards the street. Peter walked down the footpath that lead to his home.
The Next Day
Peter walked through the doors that lead to the stage of the church. He looked at the front row of the seats to see Craig, for he had always sat at the front. Peter walked halfway and was touched on his back. He turned around and saw a girl around the age of sixteen. He smiled and wondered what it was she wanted.
“Um… Hi.”
“Hello, can you please help me?”
Peter relaxed and gave her a handshake. “Sure, what is it that you need help with?”
The girl smiled and pulled out a piece of paper from her pocket. “I had this note given to me. I have been a Christian all my life, and nobody has said this to me.”
Peter opened the piece of paper and read it in his head. After thirty seconds, his eyes went wide with surprise. He folded the paper back up and gave it back to the girl.
“I will talk to you after church, but for now, I have some stuff to do. So when church is finished, go out to the front of the church next to the seat closest to the street.”
The girl grabbed the paper and put it back in her pocket. “Thank you, what is your name?”
“It’s Peter, and yours?”
“Grace, my name is Grace.”
“Alright, I will see outside of the church after the sermon.” Peter ran to the front of the stage just before the sermon started.
After The Sermon
“Yo, Pete, you coming to the arcade with me?” Craig said as he ran out of the church. Peter turned around and saw Craig running to him.
“Not today Craig, I have something to do.” Peter told Craig.
“Alright, I guess I might see you tomorrow.”
“Sure, now get to that arcade, I can hear that racing game calling your name.” Peter said as he headed to one of the benches and Craig headed to one of the cars that just started.
Peter stopped in front of the farthest bench towards the street, he sat next to a girl and waited for her respond.
“Hey Pete, I’m glad you came.”
“I’m happy to help Grace, now what is with this letter that you got?”
“I don’t know, it just showed up on my desk that sat in front of my windows.”
Peter stood up off the chair and said aloud what he had read on the piece of paper.
“We live in a society where God can be compromised. A place where God doesn’t have to be taken seriously. A society where the Bible doesn’t have to be obeyed at the highest rate.” Peter pushed his fingers through his hair and sighed.
“Who could have possibly said that?”
Grace moved around on the chair and played with her fingers.
“Pete, I have no idea.”
Peter smiled and bit his lip
“Well that helps.”
Grace jumped off the chair and walked up to Peter. She got inches from her face and stared into his eyes. Peter gulped thinking she was going to take advantage of him. Grace interlocked her fingers and didn’t look away from Peter’s direction.
“Who would compromise God? Who would decide that the Bible is too old to guide?”
Peter took a step back and turned around to the street. He looked at the grass and saw a ladybug jump on a leaf from the soil. He closed his eyes and smiled. He turned his head and looked at Grace.
“You would Grace, you would compromise God.”
“What are you talking about Peter?” Grace unlocked her fingers and stared at Peter with a confused facial emotion.
Peter walked to the street and turned to Grace. He grabbed the piece of paper and ripped it into halves.
“Nice try Grace.” He threw the paper away and ran down the street.
Grace heard his voice fade away as he ran further. She turned to the chair and kicked it with such force, one of the bolts broke.
She smiled and walked over to a car parked on the footpath. “He’s good.”
Now a lot of you people got that story, or a lot of you didn’t. Now that’s fine if you didn’t, I had to really think for that story. What I was talking about in that story about compromise, Grace was trying to take advantage of Peter, but was waiting for hi to go first, but Peter knowing that he was going to commit compromise, walked away, also figuring out her little game. He knew instantly that she had write it as soon as she got too close for his comfort. Can we stop ourselves from compromising, can we help people from committing compromise themselves? The Bible is our guide. The Bible is the only book that Wiggles worth read. And maybe we should read it more often too. A lot more often! Thank you for reading part two of Christian Chaos, and don’t think this will be the last.
God Bless, and “NO COMPROMISE!”

9 thoughts on “What does Christian Chaos look like? (Part 2)

  1. Concerning your post mate; and before I go on please don’t think I’m angry, but I want to help you with a loving hand. I might be wrong, but it seems since I wrote that post on salvation (and I know you don’t agree with me, and like I said, I’m completely and perfectly A-ok with that 🙂 and I dearly hope you are too mate) your posts have sort of been a little condemning. An example is that on the end of the Hell one, you ended it shouting the word, “Choose!” and I really didn’t feel any hope and love for the lost in that post, and I felt the same with this one. I’m not sure if your views are that if we sin we compromise (I believe it’s all about the heart, and if your heart is set on Christ and you hate your sin, I don’t believe falling into it is compromise, as you have read on my post about being lukewarm) but that’s what I felt from this post, and the truth is, Christians are struggling and fighting sin and the flesh (including me) constantly, and unfortunately I felt that you were looking down on those people with this post. Again, I could be completely wrong and if I am, please, by all means, correct me! But if I may shed a bit of light on the subject: compromise isn’t the action of sin itself but the desire of sin. If I could use your last comment on my blog about those who struggle with pornography. I know for a fact that most, if not all, Christian men absolutely hate their addiction to it, but they follow the Lord with all their heart. I can tell you from personal experience, the Lord does not see that as a compromise, but what He does is He slowly changes us lovingly inside out from glory to glory because our eyes and hearts are set on Jesus. Because Jesus already defeated sin on the cross we have no more work left to do but surrender, and we’ll find the Lord will slowly bring Jesus’ victory into our lives and before you know it, you’re not even watching porn anymore because you have no desire for it!

    Ok, so I know this is a long post, but stay with me here, haha! I want to ask you, who are those who compromise? When we’re truly saved (in other words, not receiving salvation because you want to just get out of Hell, or saying the prayer because others forced you to and you really don’t want to) compromise doesn’t even exist. You might disagree with this, but salvation isn’t saying a prayer, it’s believing Jesus existed and died for you. It’s surrender, which believing Jesus’ love makes you want to do. We all know we can SAY, “I surrender,” but we don’t do it. There are still those old habits we don’t want to let go. Those old ways we still want to partake in. But ones who want to surrender and carry it out, they are Christians. They are the ones who are saved, and like I said, they can’t possibly lose their salvation. They can’t ever find their faith to be a lie because when you surrender, Jesus becomes all your life. Let me give you an example, and I’ll try to make it random and make you laugh 😀 It’s sort of like finding an incredibly delicious caramel tart in an uncle’s basement, and you know it’s real because you can feel it (the way a Christian who has surrendered feels the love of Christ) but then you get those that say, “No, a tart like that doesn’t exist. It’s a lie,” would you believe them? Obviously not because you’ve seen, tasted it, and felt it.

    If I may, here are some Scriptures pertaining to compromise and salvation: 1 John 3:6-11. As you can tell from the get go here, those who have surrendered to Christ can’t sin (by sinning, meaning willingly partaking in sinful actions which the surrendered can’t, or more accurately doesn’t want to, do; and like I said, if you don’t want to sin, you’re really on fire for Christ and the Lord won’t see it as a compromise if you do fall). And 1 John 2:19 which talks about those who leave the faith completely behind. So you can probably see, if (in the verse) they were surrendered to Christ, they wouldn’t have gone away. It’s impossible, hence it’s impossible to lose salvation.

    I really hope you don’t get angry over this mate, and again, if you disagree, I’m all fine with it 🙂 You’re my brother in Christ, and I’ll never be angry with you, even if you are against every single thing I believe in, it won’t change a thing. In the end, even if you just do it for me as your friend, just take the time to asses and think over my thoughts. I’d highly appreciate it if you would, and agree or disagree, it doesn’t mean a thing to me. And just to clarify on my actual post on salvation, it was directed to those who have surrendered and feel guilty because of the sin they keep falling into, therefore thinking if they do it enough, they’ll lose their salvation.

    God bless mate (and great story by the way, quite well written!).

    1. Mate, I am truly sorry, I didn’t mean to condemn in my Hell post, and I didn’t mean to make you fell as if this post was out to condemn either. Please forgive me, I do have some work to do obviously and I appreciate the help you are giving me. You are a true friend to correct and convict a Christian, and for that I thank you. I shall try harder to please God through my words, and to descend on my condemning. God Bless Mate, and may God’s words fuel your spirit.

      1. You are very much welcome my friend. And don’t feel bad, that’s what friends are here for. And your willingness to accept correction is truly a fruit of the Spirit in you. Hey, if it makes you feel any better, I’ve written posts I’ve regretted as well, like when I went on and on about Christian horror and metal. Ha, what was I thinking? 😀 I’ll always be here for you mate, through the gross McDonalds thickshakes and the diluted soft drinks!!! (my way of saying, thick and thin, haha)
        God bless Mitchell!

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