Top 5 Best Albums of 2014

The year is just about over, I have to admit it was fun. I started this blog on the month of May. And I have reached almost 40 posts, not bad for a experienced Golfer. Haha. I had some posts that shook heads, some posts that confused them. And even some posts that enraged them. But I knew they would do one of the three. But these posts didn’t come from me. But this one did. I hope you all enjoy it.

The Best albums of 2014 are obviously coming from my point of view, from my likeness. But I do hope a lot of you will agree on some of my selections.

#5 Michael W smith, Sovereign. 


Differently an album that was on the top of my list for easily most of the year. An amazing album that was shouting out that God was the King and he was the beginning and the end. A certain highlight of Michael’s career, but I have had different opinions through out the year. I thought it was probably his best album, some think it was his third best, but as I said at the start of the post, it did come down to personal opinion. Overall, Michael made a great album, an album that would stay at the top for quite a while.

#4 Kari Jobe, Majestic.


I haven’t listened to her first album myself, But I have heard some good feedback. Since doing her recent CD: “Where I find you”. I was intrigued and interested with her music, and especially her voice which is certainly a highlight through out her career. Majestic was a Live album, which was one big tackle to put down, knowing that a lot of Live albums don’t sell that much. But with this album that Kari has presented, it was an absolute masterpiece, if you compare it to all the other Live albums out in the society of music, so a great job from Kari, and I certainly expect another spectacular Album next time.

#3 About a Mile, Satisfied.


Coming into the late months of the year, About a Mile just ended up coming across my music playlist. When you go from Michael W smith and Kari Jobe, you would think of another big name. No so with About a Mile. I heard their title track Satisfied a little while ago, and I must say. Not all the big bands can punch out an awesome song. This band certainly took me back to the heart of what God is all about, and what he has to offer to all of us. When listening to this album, I expected the rest of the songs to be drum smashing and massive guitar strumming all the way through the album, but the only song that did end up being even a little bit heavy was “I hate hate.” Which was still an absolute amazing song. So to end this album I think these guys are going to have some wonderful years to come.

#2 Tenth Avenue North, Cathedrals.


After this band doing albums for 14 years, I have to say that this was certainly a good one, I’m not too sure if I would call it their best, but I would differently say they went all the way. I could say that they didn’t go on an original approach. A lot of the songs had sort of a low sweet orchestra sound to the album. Some of the songs certainly had a great feel and sense. As well as some passion and love. An album that shall go through out Tenth Avenue North’s career as one of the best.

#1 The Ember Days, More Than You Think.


To name the my best album of 2014 is probably the hardest thing I would have to do. But here it is, an album that is so lovely that it only took me one listen to take my breath away. I fell in love with this album so fast that I just had to get it. And I did, I brought it on the day of the listen. This album starts with a 5:37 minute long song that begins with a soft piano and other instruments, but as always the piano took the whole crowd. Now I certainly won’t go on about this album and end up spoiling your excitement. I am giving all of you guys the pleasure to listen to this album your self. This album has made me bring my heart back to God, and I thank this band for it. And now I hope you have enjoyed my Best top 5 albums of 2014 and I can’t wait til next year, for the top 5 of 2015! God Bless, and Merry Christmas! ( for this album, I have put a number of songs up, for this album was just too good to only put up one song. Enjoy)






7 thoughts on “Top 5 Best Albums of 2014

  1. Awesome list mate! I was really surprised at your inclusion of the Ember Days. How did you find out about them (my guess would be through Noisetrade)? Since they’re an indie band they’re not one you’ll find at Koorong. And, um, another thing is that that album almost made my album of the year…. last year (it was eventually beaten by My Epic). It came out January 2013 😀 But if you discovered it this year, than it’s perfectly acceptable for the list, haha!
    I’ve listened to and love Cathedrals, and I know some might not agree, but I actually think it’s a small step down from the Struggle, which I absolutely love. But with that in mind, remember it’s a small step, and it’s still a brilliant album!
    I’ll have to check out About a Mile now that it made your list as well!
    God bless mate, keep it up!

    1. Oh, and I’m working on my list today, as well as a new Armor of God post. I might or might not publish my album list yet, but it’s going to be hard since there was at least thirty albums that have come out this year that I love, so narrowing it down to ten is going to be hard, haha!

    1. Don’t worry, Jeremy’s new albums comes out Febuary 3rd. And I don’t know if you know this, but Brandon Heath will be releasing a new album Febuary 10th called No Turning Back. Just thought I’d make your day just that bit happier with that news, haha! Oh, and you also won the Matthew Parker album!
      God bless brother!

  2. Hey mate, just wanted to say I’ve been giving Cathedrals a better listen since buying it at Koorong and I’ve changed my opinion. It’s really one of their best, if not their best one yet! That title track is superb and so is All the Earth is Holy Ground.
    God bless mate!

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