Discovering New Artists.

What fun it is finding new artists and bands to listen to. You go onto different websites looking for great music and you just might find some good ones. I have decided to do a post on discovering new artists. Because we all do that. So I am showing you all the artists that I have discovered in the last 3 months. Enjoy.

#1 Calie Garrett, All Things New.

Now if you want to find heavy rock metal bands, and crazy hair dues. You just might as well stop reading. I have just found this one not too long, as you may see. I haven’t got this one in my top 5 albums of 2014. Well let me tell you something, don’t be turned off from that. Because if I did the top 6, this album would be in it. For sure, though some might disagree with me, I think this album was done incredibly well. Calie certainly worked hard on this album, as well as her single song “City Burning.” Which was amazing. So if you would to put this album in a genre. You would probably put it in Praise/Worship genre. And for anybody who is interested in this artist, I will give you her single song. Thank you!

#2 I Am They, From the Day.

From the first look, I thought they were a folk band. Well I wasn’t far off. I Am They certainly know how to surprise, having a woman drummer, as well as duo singers. I would say they made it work nicely. Coming from a band of six, I thought it was a definite struggle for them to make even one song work. But did they amaze? Without question, watching as well as listening, their song “From the Day.” This song is actually quite folk in fact, for them using folk instruments, definitely made the song sound quite unique. So if you are looking for a band that surprises and makes banjos work with pianos, this is the band to listen to.

#3 Whitney Bozarth, single song, “Noel.”

If you listen to this song, well believe me, you probably haven’t heard of it. I would say that it is most likely a Christmas song, an old Christmas song. Since it is only a single song, there isn’t too much detail that I have to go into, but what I can describe, is that this woman did the song well. And I can’t wait to found more songs from her. ( Sorry for the inconvenience. But the only way for you to listen to this song is on the noisetrade website. Thank you.)

#4 Christian Lewis, Genesis.

Wow, what a voice. This music would be put into a genre of rock if you did. And if you compared music, you would get a similar sound as Switchfoot. The first song to this album is just mind blowing I tell you, Beautiful Man, is the first song. This song is really describing Jesus, how great and awesome he is. When you move on through his music, it does certainly get a lot rockier, but overall… this music is definitely created by a amazing musician.

#5 Derek Webb, She Must And Shall Go Free.

Let’s go from rock music to Folk music. Derek Webb is a definite listen. “Scotty Smith, Former Pastor of Christ Community Church said, “There’s an urgent need for the Christian Church to hear the bold and convincing songs of Derek Webb.” How about that? When you listen to this singer/songwriter. Do not expect amazing up in the air throw your hands music, this man sings just some normal outback west country music. And I must say one thing. “Awesome!”

#6 Stephen Miller, God And Sinner Reconcile. Best of the albums.

Apparently this album is related to Hillsong: Unlikely, Elevation: Sort of, Passion: Maybe, Bethel: Hardly, Citizens: Don’t know. But I can say one thing for sure, this is something that is going to last for a long time as a great worship album. This artist has created plenty of other albums to know what is good and what is not. And I would say that he is one to look at. I shall be keeping an eye on him for quite a while. I thought maybe you would like to listen to his title song too.

Thank you everyone for listening and reading my discovering new artists post, and this officially my second last post for the year, thank you for the experience and the follows as long as the comments, feel free for them, and I shall reply. Merry Christmas, and God Bless. My last post will most likely be on something else. Thank you.







2 thoughts on “Discovering New Artists.

  1. First I’ll begin by saying, THANK YOU for showing my I AM THEY! They are brilliant. Just the kind of worship music I love, (and I have never heard of them, so extra points to that, haha!)
    I’ve seen Caile on Noisetrade, and have sort of skipped past it. I’ll definitely give it another listen now.
    A surprising addition is Derek Webb. I love She Must and Shall Go Free. Lover, Wedding Dress, and the Church are some of the best songs in my entire collection. I Was Wrong, I’m Sorry, and I Love you is also great. It’s sort of a sequel to She Must…. according to Derek himself.
    I did listen to Christian Lewis awhile back and it didn’t really hit me. But you’ve twisted my hand. I’ll give it another listen.
    Do you have Stephen Millers All Hail to the King? I highly recommend that one as well. You’ll love it.
    So to end, great post, great music, great discoveries. Your musical tastes are growing and expanding. Well done my padawan 😀
    God bless mate!

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