More artist discoveries. (Part 2)

I am truly sorry for this, I know I supposed to finish this year with my other post, but I just could not help myself, for I have discovered another five albums for all of you to listen to and to explore. This list is a definite list that I think you will all like. Enjoy!

#1 Tree Hill Collective, One Purpose.

Now when I went past this album, well I thought it would be just like any other album for this album is POP music, and I can’t say I’m the biggest fan of this genre. but listening to this album really sparked something for me to have a look. For the songs though, don’t expect some techno computerized sound, because you are not going to get it. I must say that they know how to surprise. One of the songs that were very interesting was “I worship you alone.” An album that shows class and and excitement. But also comes with stability.

#2 The Hedgerow Folk, Come Close.

I found this album just by accident actually, this album said that it was related to All Sons And Daughters. So I just had to have a look, and I can’t say it was like All Sons And Daughters, but I couldn’t say that I didn’t like it. Really. Some people may say that this band moves a little bit slow. Well they do, but that might be because they have a song called “Slow Down.” But overall, this band is just like folk singing, but with some nice smooth style.

#3 Brightwork, Hope For Love.

Wow, did this band have Impact? Let me just say that the first song probably just shot to the top of my song list in two seconds after hearing this. And I think it just gets better from there. This band has a sound sort of like Sanctus Real if you ask me, though they might have a bit more rock sound to it.(But not as rocky as Sanctus Real’s first album Fight the Tide.) But this album is a definite listen for rock lovers, or even for smooth sound song lovers.

#4 Reverent Worship, His Name Is Love.

Now just a heads up to people who are not big fans of Live worship, I hate to burst your bubble, but this band is definitely a worship band that sing Live. But let me get to the good bits before you doze off and forget about me. This band is not like any other Live band, this band is formed together from small and large churches to present “new” songs every time without trying to search through scrap. This band is a worship and praise band, not a Live-tons-of-people worship band. Just thought I should let you know.

#5 Lize Wiid, Something In The Moment. Top Album Of The List.

First off, let me say Wow! This artist blew me away from the first sound, now I’m not sucking up neither. This music was awesome. The first song was just breath taking, if you just sat in a rocking chair with this music in the background, you would just smile, but the second song, you would cry. Seriously. From there on it just gets better and better. So to finish up this album list, if you want a rocky album: Brightwork, Hope For Love. A nice praise and worship album: Reverent Worship, His Name Is Love. If you want a soft and cool sounding album: The Hedgerow Folk, Come Close. If you want an album with a unique taste but still cool in it’s own way: Tree Hill Collective, One Purpose. But if you want an album that is awesome from the moment you listen to the first song, and the second song makes you cry, and so on and so forth: Lize Wiid, Something In The Moment.

Thank you everyone for listening to the songs and reading my lists… Of Discovering Artists. God Bless.




2 thoughts on “More artist discoveries. (Part 2)

  1. Very nice list mate! Lize Wiid is a definite favourite of mine. I’ll check out the others you have listed as well (excluding Brightwork. That one unfortunately just didn’t really do anything for me personally)
    Isn’t Noisetrade just the best place ever?
    God bless!

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