2015 Officially, what shall you expect?

It is 2015, hopefully this year is even better than the next, for my faith, for my family, and for my blog. So what shall YOU expect?


Since my WordPress website is called musicreviews, than why not do more music reviews. Well starting next week, I shall have a one music/Cd review, It can be from me finding music, buying music, or even if you are keen, you can comment for me to present a music review of your own choice.


Now I actually haven’t accomplished any movie reviews. But I shall be doing one every week, as well as music.


Now only a certain amount of people know about my postponing of this subject, I fell as if I need to delve in the Word more effectively, once this goal succeeds, I shall resume, and place one Christianity post a week for my viewers.


Well with life, you shall see what I go through and how God pulls me through these hard times, or the good fun times too.


There will always be three days of break, with it either being three days full of nothing, or some in between.

So there you have it, a very short post, but pushing that matter aside, I can’t wait for next week to start. Ta-la, and God Bless.



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