Life: Being sick for 4 days,(Wow) and everything else in between

Excuse me…



That’s what my 4 days were like, seriously, I mean it took me like an hour just to get to sleep because I couldn’t stop coughing. Far out! But lets get away from the coughing (If I were to put pictures up for every time I coughed on this post, I would probably get kicked off WordPress, “hmm”).

So, that wasn’t the only thing that went wrong with me for the past 4 days, OH NO, I also had a sore throat, which felt like I had tonsillitis. But thank the Lord, I didn’t have that at all. WOO HOO! Now the next thing I had, a massive headache should probably be mentioned, considering that it was the first thing that made me annoyed.

The next thing that went on in my system was deafness, (Still going) and when my mother told me to do something, it just went straight in the deaf ear and out the other one. But It’s a little bit better now.

Next…Bad eye balls, hmm yeah, lets leave this one.

I had a bad tooth, but this is completely irrelevant, but I’m running out of ideas, (Forgive me) this tooth would always hurt when I would bit some food on that side, but lets not get into details shall we.

Now you: What about you guys, have you ever had a head cold, (Don’t ask me anything about that phrase, that’s just what everyone else says) have you ever had to hit yourself in the chest so you don’t cough anymore? Don’t worry, you don’t have to answer that either.

Now, I have to end this ridiculous part of the post, because it is just getting way out of hand, I mean who wants to read about all my sickness problems, hmm.

What else can I go on about because I’m bored…Ah, how about I talk about GOLF!!! See, I knew there was something.

Do you know how much a set of these Irons cost, if you guessed $800, your wrong, if you guessed $1000, your still wrong. Let me answer that for you. It will cost you $1600 buckaroos for a set of these. When I heard the price I wasn’t surprised, Since the irons are used by the best golf player in the world. Rory Mcilroy.

No more need to be said.

This is the driver, $800, just for that one club.

I have no idea.

No idea. Haha.

Okay, I’ve run out of stories, so have a great day and I’ll talk soon boys and girls, (Want golf clubs, buy these ones…Once your in top shape) God Bless.



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