Spending time with unbelievers, (The next big Series, Part 1)

Hi everyone, I’m back.

“How would you tell the guy next to you about…Jesus?”

This phrase has had me going bonkers ever since I asked myself the phrase. Well how? I have been doing posts on all sorts of things, but what about spending time with other people who don’t have the same faith that you have. What if these people believe in “aliens”, what if they think we come back as a bird or something? (reincarnation) What if these people are evolutionists? How would you tell these people about God? They would end of thinking you’re bonkers.

So, what would YOU do?

I am going to go through step-by-step of what God has placed on my heart to say. Ready?

Step 1, introduce God into the situation: Let’s say you enter into a park and you see a kid seated at a bench, and he’s crying. You would walk over and ask what the problem is. (Now the next section of this story is entirely based on fifth dimensional events, events that could happen, good.) The kid says his mother died. He doesn’t mention God, blame all just mention at all. What do you do? I would sit down and just keep my space, for if he is a boy, he may not be all hipped up about the comfort thing. Give the kid some room. Good. Then tell the kid about how it had been in the same situation, that God was still in your life, and he helped you through it. For some reasons, you could mention if it was true, your mother went through the same event of torment. But she was at peace for God gave her strength. If he is interested, you’re on the right track, if not. Just give him a moment, than maybe go with a different tactic if you have something good to work with. Don’t annoy the poor fella, but don’t just go easy and then walk away, make sure you make your point so the fruit of the spirit can do the rest.

Thank you everyone for this first lesson, and I shall give another one next time. God Bless.


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