Spending time with unbelievers, (Making an explanation) Part 2

Hi guys,

How would you tell the guy next to you about…Jesus?

You get to a point in your conversation with this unbeliever and he wants a point, an explanation with how you cope with your lose, how does God make it better.


Step 2, Making An Explanation: You have sat there and you and the kid haven’t spoke for minutes. You are procrastinating if you should leave, just let the kid be by himself so he can deal with his situation. You get up to leave and the kid grabs you by the hand, you start to think the worst. He pulls you back onto the seat and looks at you with determined eyes. He asks you to give him and explanation about how you can take your problems with such ease. You relax and say you can’t, you have always had problems. You tell him a phrase that you have learned. “God doesn’t make your problems easy, but he does make them easier.” You sit back down and you tell the kid that the problems keep coming, but with reading the Bible, and praying as much and as hard as you can, God helps you overcome your issues with some ease, but with struggles all the same. The kid says that you can stay a little longer, and he starts to talk about what had happened. All you have to do for now, is hear the boy out and understand his every word with Jesus’ compassion.

Remember, when you come to a point in your life, where someone wants to hear about Jesus’. From experience, don’t try to sound cool, or try to sound smart, let the Holy Spirit guide you, and for Jesus to give you the correct words, you just never know, He could surprise you!

This is the second lesson. I thank you for reading. God Bless, and watch for the next one.


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