Spending Time With Unbelievers (Turnouts) Part 3

Hi everyone, what’s up?

How would you tell the guy next to you about…Jesus?

You know with the real world, people have arguments. They never usually agree on anything, trust me…I know for a fact that I can’t agree on everything either. You will always have different turnouts to your argument, the guy next to you will end up being right, even if you don’t AGREE. But what about Jesus? Can you actually disagree with something that thousands-No, millions of people say is false. Can you say to millions of people that might be in front of you…That God does exist, Jesus is the Son of God, and he wants to be with all of you people. Maybe. But how about…One person?

Step 3, Opinions(turnouts): The kid(boy) has told you his story, and he wants to hear about what Jesus could do to make his problems…Easier? Now you have to be ready, for this kid is going opened minded, he might not agree with what you have to say. But you’re ready. You explain to him what Jesus did for people, for the poor, for the needy, and for the lame and injured. He did miracles, he came back from the dead. Now, you have finished explaining what Jesus is known and good for…A shoulder to cry on, and somebody to look to for help.

Turnout 1: But the boy is confused, how can somebody come back from the dead when pronounced dead. You say he was God. But then the boy says that he doesn’t understand, because you said that we can’t look at God. Then you tell him that Jesus was God in human form, so we could see him. But then the boy says he’s still confused because you said that Jesus was the “Son of God”, not actually God. Now you start to freak out, how are you supposed to explain Jesus to this guy, he keeps coming with questions that stump you. You feel like you should just quit and run away from this seat. Just jump and leave him with his problems. He can sort it out. But you stop yourself, is this kid just asking these things for the sake of it, or is he trying to get info, getting this information so he can understand more, maybe even ask Jesus into his heart. Take a stand buddy, don’t give up. You tell him to read a Bible, and lucky enough you have one on you, you give him the book and he can’t wait.

Turnout 2: You have finished, and the boy understands every word. And he still wants more, you say you don’t have Bible on you, but he can come back to your place later. Hours go by and then the boy turns up. You give him a Bible and you both read still the sun goes down.

Now those are only two possible turnouts, more could happen, so remember that you can’t just hope he accepts Jesus in only a few hours, give the boy time, then check on him later.

God Bless.



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