Deluge, Unshakeable. Music Review

Heavy rock music has a very small mass in my category of likeness. But when hearing Deluge with their album Unshakeable, my whole perspective to heavy rock music changed. Completely.

I usually listen to those CCM, poppy look at me, God changed me music. You know, some might rock with a nice beat. But slowly by ever so slowly, they get old and move over to a bit boring side. They don’t just amaze you with lyrics that have such meaning as heavy rock music does. I have a friend who listens to Christian metal and heavy rock more than any human being alive if you ask me, and I have tons of civilians going on about how it just sounds wrong, not the stuff that a Christian wants to listen to. I just thought for one second. “Wait a minute!” Why do we as Christians have to listen to the kind of stuff that every other Christians listen to? Why can’t we be different? This is the album that changed my perspective.

To start this album, they do have a prelude that sparks your interest and intrigue. This intro last for just off a minute, for you don’t want to get too bored with the prelude to the album. They made it quick and sparked some more enthusiasm from you.

The real greatness of the album starts off with…You guessed it. Unshakeable!

This song is certainly one of the favorites. It brings the heavy rock theme and some great lyrics along with it.

Help me walk through fire
And come out higher than before
I want to be strong so I can make it
Without breaking or giving up
Lift me up lift me up
This is easily the favorite verse for me. Too many people today give up so fast (Including Christians), They think they can’t win. I have an episode of a friend wanting to commit suicide because he thought he was worth nothing. He wanted to kill himself, just because it was hard. But I did help him in the end and he feels 100%. And I thank God for that, for He helped me through my problems to, to help a friend as well. I live by these lyrics everyday now. This band helped me see something I wasn’t seeing myself.
What makes this album a definite favorite for me. Is that I can’t fault much, maybe not a lot at all. And what I love most about this band, they don’t slowly by ever slowly make you lose interest. There is always a different entertaining song around the corner. Like if you skip to the song “Power”, You get this awesome feeling of originality. And for a bonus, the bridge has some very attractive rapping to it. Awesome!
And then you will just have those nice gentle songs that you can sit back and relax. This is a band that you can just sit and listen to and read a book at the same time if you ask me.
The next song that I think would be my second favorite of the album would have to be…Refuge.
What I loved so much about this song, is that God is always there for us, even though we pray and pray and think God is so far away.
What I found in this album that was so amusing. They were different! They threw some spice in with the spaghetti if you wanted to put it that way. Heh-heh. This band is one of faves for last year, but I just didn’t do enough albums. I only had five. But if I did the top ten. This would be nine. The only fault that I could possibly put with this album. That might remotely make me a bit disappointed. They didn’t have another song after the last one, and then one after that, etc. I loved it so much, I’m just craving for more.
God Bless.
P.S. There are two songs that have link that has to be clicked to be listened to. Sorry. Oops.

One thought on “Deluge, Unshakeable. Music Review

  1. Unshakable is such a good album. Well done on the review mate! This was the first heavy album I loved, and still do to this day. At the time, Power, as well as Toby Mac’s Ignition, were the heaviest songs in my collection, and of course, my favourites đŸ˜€ Again, what I love about it is the diversity and originality as you pointed out. There’s the heavy songs, the rap, the pop, the pop/rock, the acoustic, it has everything.
    God bless mate!
    Oh, and if you’re curious, this is a 4.5/5 for me, that’s as low as it has gone over the last four years I’ve had it.

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