The Call: Part 2

I actually thought I was destined to be a reporter when I was younger. I would sit up all night of a big storm, and I would write down what was going on through how a reporter would present it. I had that dream for two long years. But that all changed on a night of church, the thing I didn’t know, since I was 11 years old. Is that my life was about to change forever.

I didn’t have the revelation until I got home. I was laying in bed, about to drift off to never,never land. When I heard a voice. Now you must be thinking that I’m going to go all dramatic on you, Haha…No, this isn’t the movies fellas. No, I heard a voice, and then that was it. But what hit me was what I said right after it. Missionary. My Pastor that night was talking about his travels, and what happened to him over in these countries. Well I’m not going to go into details for some inappropriate reasons, you never know who is reading these days. But he said bringing a homeless, or some dangerous person to Christ…Was the greatest feeling in the world.

This is is Vanuatu:

A group of people helping with a construction project.


Hopefully I won’t fall in.


I presume it is a clean up with a group of youngsters.

Probably not the place I will be traveling to, but a great place to go nevertheless. Thank you, and God Bless.




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