The Call

What is your calling?

People go through life, even at the late ages of youth. And they still don’t know what to do with their own lives. What about you? Do know the calling that is meant for you? My calling, well I’m 16 and I have already figured that out.

1. Carpenter

2. Semi-pro Golfer

3. Part-time Writer

4. Full-time Missionary

And do you know that God gave me these jobs except for one, which was my decision. And that was being a Semi-pro Golfer. I am 16 and I have my life sorted. Plus I work casual work for an ice-cream shop. You know what the great thing is though? God gave me these jobs. I know that this is what I am supposed to do because Christ told me to do these things.

I plan to go on a mission trip at the end of the year with a team and bring the Word of God to the children of the world who don’t have it.

This is boot camp:



I will also be doing puppet shows.

my voice is going to sound so cool.

Running never seemed like so much fun! Just kidding.

Slow down, I’m back here running out of breath.

Climbing, my favorite.

Don’t fall, don’t fall.


This is what my calling is. How about yours?





2 thoughts on “The Call

  1. Praying you through. I truly pray that you may be the one in ten million whom this works out for. I had huge plans for my life at 16 and God saw it all different. I am almost 40 now and only one of my plans ever happened. Stay the course no matter what blockades come your way. If you have the determination and God on your side nothing is impossible.

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