The Call: Part 3 (Last one)

This is the last post guys of this series, thank you for this chance to show you my life ahead.

I was talking with my Father, along with my Mother yesterday, just about things that can and can’t happen, when being a Missionary. Wow! That was a long talk too.

Mum talked about the opportunities when being a Missionary, like being able to save someone. Sure, Doctors save people from dying, but I can save these peoples souls. I can help them have eternal life.

Dad, well…He told me about the risks, what could happen in some places. I know that Dad was just letting me know just because he cares, he wants me to be careful.

God Will Provide:

You know…I have so many people, even relatives, who are Christians. They talk about money problems, all of the problems they could possibly have. And do you know what I’m not seeing. TRUST. I’m not seeing positivity, I’m not seeing confidence. I’m not seeing GOD!

This little girl would look at us, and smile. She sees that we have stuff that she could only dream of having. We need to say to ourselves one phrase, and I live by this verse with my Mother. “God will provide.” God will provide guys. We don’t have to sit around and worry about tomorrow. We should live today, with the love of Christ in us. Know why? This could be our last day. We need to not boast about tomorrow, but live with God today. And when I’m a Missionary, God will provide.

It’s God decision:

And I reason I’m doing this series, is not to see if this is what I want to do. I told you guys in the last post, God wants me to be a Missionary…His Missionary.

I was spending some time with my friend, telling them about this choice I’m making. They thought it was great. “To see if you want to do this forever, huh?” Hello!! Am I talking to myself here. I said in my last post that God told me to do this. You know what I told them, I told them that this was just the first mission. To see what I am going to expect, for the rest of my life, what I’m going to be doing. Changing lives.

Everyone’s Call:

Life is quite short as I explained in my “Prayer post” and we need to do what ever we can in this life so we know we have done something to get us to God. And I don’t mean making a million dollars or having a marriage with the most beautiful woman in the world. I could end up passing away single for all I know.

God sent his son for one reason, so we would have chance to be with him when we die. If we continue on our way that is not God’s, well just be prepared that you might be hitting the gate that leads to heaven.

I said in my first post of the Call series, and I said at the end, one sentence. “This is my calling, How about yours?” And I meant it. Everyone has a different calling from God, I’ve found mine, that’s to tell people all over the world about him. And I know this is what I want to do, because it’s what God wants me to do too.

So…What’s your Calling?



2 thoughts on “The Call: Part 3 (Last one)

    1. That’s right mate. You go and do what God has called you to do. You love your family and your friends. You bless them and protect them. You treat them the best possible way, and mate…You will always belong to my family! God Bless and you go and love you family! P.S. I bet you’re writing, haha. That’s a calling that suits you too mate. Talk soon

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