I have been trying to take photos as a photographer would, well. I don’t think I’m there just yet.

313 This is certainly a photo that I shall cherish forever! This photo was from years ago. So no real dream in photography then. But…Ah, memories.

IMG_0040[1] This was my first ever photo that gave me my dream. It’s rather small, but I love how I focus’ on the flowers and faded the rest out of the picture.

IMG_0097[1] Another one I love, but I do have to apologize for you will have to look sideways to see it right. My bad!

IMG_0155[1] A flower that really explains my character…Not really. Haha.

IMG_0203[1] This certainly is a favorite too.

IMG_0183[1] Anybody want some berries!

IMG_0043[1] Mum loves this photo.

IMG_0144[1] This one is pretty good too.

Well there you have it, my journey so far, but stick around. There’s more to come. God Bless.



2 thoughts on “Photography

  1. Hey mate, for your next post, make sure you use tabs! They’re really working for me and I think it’ll help to guide more readers to your blog.

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