Standards: What’s Yours?

Hi everyone once again, I thought that today(Or night, depending on what country you decided to sit on) I would talk about… Standards.

Now I know that we live in a world that says we run our own lives, live life to the fullest(Which I will talk about later on through the days), and all this other rubbish that has nothing to do with standards. And you know what, I’m a bit like that myself, God did put me on this Planet to witness, but I don’t think he gave me a instruction manual about Standards did he, or did I leave the manual behind when I was born, well who knows.

In my own opinion though, I guess I do have some standards towards my life(and everyone else’s), for starters, I think what people call fashion today I call revolting, I mean how can you walk around in those clothes and not get sun burnt for not wearing enough clothes(WAIT… No judging Mitch), but I mean really, it’s just that I have a really uncomfortable time when I girl is sitting across from me wearing nothing but a miniskirt and a low cut t-shirt.

Okay, now you’re probably thinking that I do have standards, and they are a bit over the top. And you know, I agree, I do have standards… For other people in the world. And that is a really big no-no. In the new testament, Jesus stats that before pointing at someone else and saying that they are wrong, look at yourself for a second. When I think back to that statement, I just think wow, I do have some problems. And secondly, the people that I get sick over, aren’t even Christians, so they don’t even know any better.

So then, what do I have problems with that I might to put a standard on. You know what, I think back to all the stuff that I do, or listen to, or wear, or watch, and then I start brainstorming, seriously, like I just figured this out no more than ten seconds ago. God did give us a standard… Any takers on the answer hmm, no well I think I’ll just say it then… JESUS! Back in the old testament the standard was different, and I mean by a mile. There was violence, there was blood, sweat, and tears over all sorts of stuff. And I think that God thought about a Standard that he could show everyone, His Son. Jesus came for 33 years(I think) And taught everyone about the rights and wrongs to life, He changed the violence and defense rule to love your enemies, He told women to keep themselves covered up and only give themselves away to their husbands. He taught us the real laws that a lot of Atheists even live by today.

Now, small things like music choices and how fat your allowed to get are teeny-tiny bit different, Jesus didn’t tell everyone when he was alive that you can only listen to a certain style of music or you could only eat until you hit 150 kg. But now that I think of that too, I did a little bit of research on this and the bible tells us in James 1:5- If any of you lacks wisdom, let him ask of God, who gives to all liberally and without reproach, and it will be given to him.

In this scripture it is said that all we have to do, is sit down on a nice old comfortable chair close our eyes and ask Him… Whatever we want, we could even ask him how many sheep are jumping over the fence. So we don’t need to stress over any Standard that we give ourselves and even if we did, we don’t need to use that Standard on the world either, the world is lost, God will take care of that part, or we have to do is plant seeds, Spread the Word of God among the World.

So don’t worry about creating a Standard for yourself, just open the Bible, and see what God’s Standard really is.



5 thoughts on “Standards: What’s Yours?

  1. Great post again Mitch! Our standards are the ones Jesus set for us, and that’s to love God, and love your neighbor, all else will come from those two. If you love God, His standards already fill you and sinning no longer becomes a part of your heart’s desire.

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