Living Life To The Fullest

Hi everyone, how are we all?

Well I’m pretty good thanks, glad to see you have come today(am I talking to myself?)

Alright then, today I’m going to talk about the good old subject that a lot of Christians including myself question… Living Life To The Fullest.

Now, who doesn’t want to hang out and party with a few friends every now and again huh?(Including drinking a few of the beers) Now I have heard a lot of people say this(I even said this at one point too) that you are not allowed to live life to the fullest, we’re Christians, it’s kind of like a law really. And plus who do you see(who is a Christian by the way) walking around with a beer in their hand and having a great night out, woo-hoo. Not many. So at this point you don’t think you are allowed whatsoever to go and have a little fun out with some friends…. Wrong! Let me explain.

1: Firstly, I don’t think I remember in the Bible where God, or Jesus for that matter said that we as Christians, can’t go and Live Life To The Limits. Because if ask me, Saving someone from the gates of Hell is a pretty cool thing. I find that a lot of Christians have put a chain around their neck and foot and saying to themselves “Stay here!” Now who made that law, last time I checked not even Paul the Apostle said that. We are all slaves in our own way, in our own bodies. And we fill that the only way to break free is to chain yourself to a wall and never leave just in case something “Adventurous” happens. I mean what’s wrong with going to watch a movie at the Cinemas with a group of friends, and plus the only limit on drinking beer is to not be drunk. Observe this Song from my favorite band of all time.

2: Secondly, Living Life To The Fullest as a Christian is the best thing in the World. You can go to different Countries, help the poor, feed the hungry, as Jesus said before his Ascension, Feed my Sheep. If you’re a Christian, than you know, that you are free from those shackles, you are free from the law, Jesus has made everything new. You can go and share the Word of God to the World. Feed Jesus’ Sheep. When you get thrown into jail for preaching the Gospel, if you get persecuted for not denying your faith in Jesus. I got news for you bro, you are living life to the fullest. What everyone else does and says about living life, they’re not really living life. They are wasting it away. Jesus is the only way to live Life folks. What was I talking about a few days ago on standards. Living Life to The Fullest for God, haha. There isn’t a limit.

Like I just put up the song from Wolves at the gate: Slaves. We are no longer slaves boys and girls.

I saw these chains locked on my wrists
Around my neck no shackles missed
I’d tried to shake them off and flee
Nowhere to go without a key

I love this bit for the purpose that some are still locked up in shackles and chains, and without a key we can’t get out. So if we move ahead just a bit more.

Set me free
Set me free
Hammer these chains and
Set me free!

Break these chains
Break these chains
Unbind my hands and
Pardon me!

I also love this one, this is something that I compare to the law that a lot of Christians live by still(No, I’m not talking about the laws of World or wherever you live, I’m talking about the Bible) and we are begging Jesus to free us. Let us be free from the law and be free in Jesus.

I saw these chains fall off my feet
I stand amazed at this work complete
These not Your they were my own
“Now run no more My son, come home”

We are free. Jesus has asks us to come home. So everyone, come home indeed. Lets Live Life To The Fullest!



2 thoughts on “Living Life To The Fullest

  1. Awesome post! It’s true, Christians can sometimes be so caught up in trying to abstain from those “sinful” life pleasures and it becomes a burden rather than a freedom Christ gives us by living completely in Him. Keep it up bud, it’s great to have you back!

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