One Day Too Late: Refresh and Rethought

Hi everyone, yes I have been away for quite sometime now huh?

Well sorry about that, my life is full of surprises you know. So as you can see, my title says One Day Too Late, now you guys might not remember my first part it was probably like a year and two months ago…. Haha. So now it would be wrong not to show the song for this title by one band that is not too bad for me: Skillet.

Now I’m hoping you listened to that song, because I think it is just amazing. So what did this song do to me, well lets say for me. I’m a Christian(Obviously) and I think that I just sit around and be lazy, and not doing anything that improves my relationship with Jesus or improves the kingdom of God for that matter. I’m going to give a little example on how I think I can do something for unbelievers who might only have one day to go, and maybe it will open all our minds too. (Fingers crossed)

Now lets say you have been traveling for a fair while and you are exhausted from your travel, so you need somewhere to rest. You stop next to a hotel and pay your fee to rest there for the night. Two hours have gone by and a cleaning lady knocks at your door. You get up and invite her in to get the stuff she needs. She thanks you and leaves. The next morning you pack up your gear, load your truck, sign out of the hotel, thank everyone and your on your way again. You have been traveling for five hours, not entirely exhausted, but enough for you to be parched, so you stop at a service station and grab a nice cold drink(Your drooling reader, haha). Now you have been driving another two hours and you decide to put on the radio, a news reporter comes on and speaks of a story that included a cleaning lady from a hotel that had a heart attack while walking home after her shift. You turn off the radio and pull your car over. You get out of the car and fall to the ground, how do you know that was your cleaning lady from last night. Well the lady was the only one working that night. You tear up and sit there crying for hours to come.

Now your probably thinking why would you be crying like that, you hardly knew the woman. You know why? Because God knew her, she wasn’t a Christian, she didn’t know God, but He did, He loves her so much that His Son Jesus died on the cross for her, to take away the sins she has committed and will commit in the future. Commit means to carry out a mistake, an error. Jesus died for your errors, for the things that disappoint you.

Now this man had the chance to tell this lady about Jesus, plant a seed, show kindness. But he didn’t, he just let her go and now she has had a heart attack and if she is not just in God’s eyes, then she has gone to hell, as much as that is painful to say, she might have been a really nice lady, but if she isn’t what God allows then she is not acceptable, so that’s where you come in.

Tick tock hear the clock countdown

Wish the minute hand could be rewound

So much to do and so much I need to say

Will tomorrow be too late

Feel the moment slip into the past

Like sand through an hourglass

In the madness I guess I just forget

To do all the things I said

So really at this point we have been troubled with what we didn’t do for the people we wished we could have saved. And it’s already too late to turn back time, so when we talk to people or meet with people, use that time to really let Jesus shine through your words. This song is what I think represents our time limit to be a witness for God a shining light for Jesus and wise words to tell people the good news and plant seeds.

We have a job here, and it’s to build the kingdom of God, and to me… Sometimes that means taking a deep breath and going with your gut and taking a risk. Remember God will always give us the right words.


2 thoughts on “One Day Too Late: Refresh and Rethought

  1. Awesome post mate! It’s great to have you back. It’s true, anyone can die at anytime, so we need to make the most of their time on earth and to not let a chance to bring salvation go to waste.

    God bless, can’t wait to read more!

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